Thursday, August 8, 2013

Tutta x Roy litter, 7 weeks.

I'm finally back home from our trip to West and finally can do something
what You all were asking as to do - update blog with new puppy pictures.
At this age puppies starting to grow and change rapidly and sure
You will mention BIG difference with how look now compare how they looked
on a previous post. The only thing what didn't change - they all still healthy and beautiful!
The only boy in the litter is one above.

Sorry, but I couldn't make my pick from those two ladies... I like them both.
Above - smaller and lighter girl. Below is her slightly darker and bigger sister..
Wouldn't You have a hard time to make Your choice?..

They all look a bit sleepy here, but they have all rights to be (and so am I).
When I started working with photos today it was way after 11 PM
and little guys weren't really sure why do we drag them out of their cozy nest
and asking to pose for us.
Well, now they are back to bed and long gone to their fields of dreams.
I still working of pictures and blogging, but hopefully soon Ira and I will make them a company.
It is getting pretty late here, in PA.

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