Saturday, December 27, 2014

Lusha and Roy Rally-O practice.

Last for this season practice session with
Lusha (above) and Roy (below).
They both tried very hard to pass the course and I believe 
tasty rewords have something to do with that.
We had great time during our 7 weeks training session
and want to be back for more of it at spring.
Rally-O is just too much fun to ignore it!
This is a Novice level in training.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Elly x Chant litter 2014/2015.

 I'm really behind with this post, but better late then never...
So here they are, beautiful guys from Elly and Chant, born in December 2014,
ready to go to their new homes in January 2015.
Our last litter of the year, but what a litter!

All pictures above are pictures of two Salt/Pepper sisters.
We will be reserving one and the second one is already reserved as well.

Above- beautiful S/P boy.
We hoping he will be the one to live with our friends Stacy and Drew.
On this picture - approximately week old.

3 hansom fellows above are 3 Black/Silver puppies boys.
Picture perfect.
One is reserved and two by some miracle are still available.

One more picture of one of those B/S fellows
taken about 10 days later...
Too cute to resist.
I hope to have new photos posted sometime soon,
I do not know where time goes, they are growing so quickly.
Stay tuned!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

"Garden Dweller", Original mini-painting.

"Garden Dweller", ACEO
3,5 x 2,5", Acrylic on Encausticbord.

ACEO stands for Art Card Originals and Editions.
This small painting is done on museum-quality panel Encausticbord by Ampersand.
Art-grade Acrylic paint. Those little original paintings are highly collectible
and for the limited time I'll be offering another run of those original miniatures on e-bay.
Great for gift-giving and for Your personal collection. Hand-painted, one of a kind.

Friday, November 7, 2014

4 weeks old schnauzer puppies - follow up!

I'm posting those a bit later, but  we have it, so there is no reason not to share.

Puppies are 4 weeks old,stepping into big new phase of their development. Much more mobile, they going in and out of nest box, playing with each other and toys, exploring all surroundings and interacting with people and dogs ( considerably, of course).
As soon babies started walking ,about at 3 weeks old, puppy area was expanded , news paper covered area was added to whelping nest . Puppies got the idea about keeping nest clean almost immediately , and by now sleeping area blanket mostly kept dry and "designated bathroom area" is used for the "business".
Weaning process is started. We are always letting our girls decide when it will be right time to wean .Some like to feed till 7 weeks,some put some limitation on it by 5 weeks and only feeding 1-2 time daily till 6 weeks old. 

 Yanna still has plenty of milk.She is not staying with kids whole day anymore and enjoying her regular doggy day activities , but regularly asking to go back to nest to feed , play and check .However, she is feeding them sitting or standing, what is a position for beginning of natural weaning. The actual time of feeding become significantly shorter as well. Probably, little sharp teeth ,erupting in puppies mouthes, have a lot to do with it.:-)
As for now puppies get 2 extra meals/day , to addition to Mommy's milk. Very liquid consistency ,especially for morning feeding. Today it was Ricotta and yogurt for breakfast and pureed chicken for dinner.

All socialization process with new things, places, dogs and people is carefully planned,step-by-step, so it will be pleasant experience for puppies.
Babies are handled every day ( not once, you can imaging... :-) ), they are comfortable being held and relaxed in hands.
Puppy pen is in our big open living room /kitchen area.So puppies are well surrounded with all household and dogs activities, experiencing regular household sounds ( including not that regular ones as well, like big "boom" of metal pot dropped accidentally on a floor yesterday, about what puppies did not think twice, startled a bit and kept going by their own business ).
Adult dogs other then mom not allowed to play with babies just yet, but they can interact through the fence of play area and puppies see all dogs around all day long.
Later on interaction will be methodically organized ,pups will learn what dog/human pack is about and how to be dogs, and also learn some good manners and useful skills.

 A lot of different toys and objects are in the puppy pen now, both, on a floor and hanged ,of all shapes and materials, for babies to interact, touch, bite and play. Today everyone's favorites were giraffe ,ball and a metal ball on a chain, though Greta liked little wooden swinging toy, and medium dark boy was enjoying a big soft toy on a floor.
In a few dais big play ground will be set up for them, and few play pens in different rooms of the house. Weather permitting, we will start to take puppies outside , too.Time to expand their horizons!
It is also time for more socialization with people other than family. We are scheduling visits.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

"Pretty Girl" finished!

"Who is that pretty girl ?..."
 11 x 14", Pastel on Pastelmat.

Just finished my bigger 11 x 14" piece in Pastel. Very pleased with this one,
 even it took a while from start to finish. Mostly done in Pastel pencils,
 finished with touch of Soft Pastels. NFS.
To see this work in progress, please visit my personal blog.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

"Who is that pretty girl?.." New art work by Tatiana.

"Who is that pretty girl?.." 8,5 x 11" Mixed-media.

Painting of two of our schnauzer girls,
done from photo taken this summer.
Combination of watercolor, gouache, ink, pencil and pastels.
Original is SOLD!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Yana's liter 3-4 weeks.

 Didn't get chance to blog it or edit those pictures, but  here they are...
at 3 week old with their eyes open!

 "Are You my Momma?!... Well, maybe not You."

 All pictures above are boys.... And lastly here is our

"Feed me, if You dare!"
No. I don't think so... No supplementary feeding for this one just yet.

And there we are another week later. Now they are 4 weeks old
and had to get extender area and start their paper-training.

Everybody including Yana got a bath and new blanket 
(second for today!) and look pretty happy.
Enjoy! They sure do!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Witches at the farm!.. And more...

 Witches at the farm!... Not really. Bunch of dogs at the farm
and Halloween photoshoot with friends, this is what was going on the other day.

Before we put those costumes on, we did some levitation exercises!...

Kaya was practicing her famous "Stink-eye" stunt.

Chant was beside himself from the fact -
he was thee only boy in a crowd!
And so we started...

 Sophy was starring as a Witch!

Ziva got greedy and had to try more then one costume!

 Can not help it, but Lusha was an Angel!... Again!...
And smiling one too!

Lastly Chant got some wings of darkness...
I guess now we are ready for Halloween!...
Or...we need to get some more costumes!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Yana's babies.

Our beautiful Yana  had her litter on September 24.
4 beautiful Black/Silver babies - 3 boys and adorable girl...
Sorry folks - girl is a  keeper and all boys are already reserved.
This will be our last litter available in 2014.
More pictures will be coming soon.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Starring - Bea!

 Our beautiful Bea (CH Adamis Tragic Beauty) got to be a show star
at Groom Expo in Hershey today with Olga Zabelinskaya,
certified International Master-Groomer.

Bea and Olga did very well and ended up with brining home some Gold 
and prises. Bea got full bag of dog toys for her hard work!

Then of course we had some photoshoot
with celebrities! 

And some more!...

And some treats!...

...and spa treatment!...
Beautiful day and beautiful and very happy dog!

Monday, September 15, 2014

One can never have too many schnauzers!

One can never have too many schnauzers!...
unless we go for the walk in the park.
Then we can limit it to half of dozen or even lesser..
Above (left to right):

CH Adamis Tragic Beauty (Bea)
Shazzam Of Oz Just-A-Joy (Gigi)
Shazzam Of Oz Enchanter (Chant)
CH Shazzam Of Oz Whatever (Vanya)

 "Don't You dare to touch our Mommy!"

 Yes, they all are very vicious and proud of it!

Dog show Sunday.

On Sunday we went to the show grounds with our dear friend
Karen and her two lovely Australian Cattle Dogs.
this weekend Karen finished her hansom boy owner-handled.
Mean while Tanya got to show Halona, puppy-bitch,
beautiful and too smart for Tanya's good....
And yes, we got more ribbons and reserve of Winner with her!
Awwa got to stay home this time. 
And Tanya got to take video of Karen with Bucky
showing off at the owner/handler series.

Dog show Friday.

Meanwhile on Friday we took Awwa at her last
dog-show of this season and got some more ribbons.
It was her first outdoor show and she totally enjoyed it!

Just visiting!...

 Earlier last week we were visiting two of our retired ladies - Jasmine and Quincy
what right now enjoying their new home in Hummelstown and generously sharing it 
with Veronica (Irina's daughter), Todd (our crafty son-in law) and Tammy (his Mom).
Above - "Knock-knock!" Gigi and Lusha by the door.

 "I'll show You my beautiful new Place!"
Jasmine (in the middle), Gigi and Lusha.

Gigi was fascinated with the fish pond... and confused it with swimming pool.

 Sammy was teaching Lusha how to be a show dog
and what steps to take before hitting the run-way.

Everybody enjoyed their time!