BEFORE You bought Your puppy.

"... buying a dog is not just paying and taking the dog,
but also included wanting a relation with the breeder,
listening and keeping them updated..
Looks like this has been often forgotten..." 

I had to quote my Facebook friend today. Please, please, please, think about it!

We are breeders. We are not dealers. Not a pet store. 
We do not expect You to walk in, so we can meet You with the smile, go out of our way to make a sale and as soon door is closed behind You forget about it and move on with our lives.
Buying of the dog is about mutual respect and building of relationships.
We are here for You... but most important - we are here for our animals.
Please try to understand it.When You come to meet with Your future puppy
You come in our home and their home.
You are not coming at some sort of office with office hours from and to.
We can NOT meet with You first thing on the morning, because we just got up to take care of our animals - to walk them, to feed them to clean their cages if needed.
Sometimes we have our own "branch" at 3 PM.
Sometimes we don't sleep night of few nights, because we expecting puppies.
Sometimes we can not pick up the phone, because we cleaning kennel,
grooming dogs, or going to pick up some supply.

It is not personal, but this household made a choice to have animals and they always come FIRST.
Because if we will not take care of them, they will not take care of themselves.
Think about it... we don't have weekends.
"Going on vacation" mean
all family can not go together and those who stay will have to do double the work.
We can make whatever planes, but there are emergencies what may happen any given day
and all planes will be canceled.
Including planes to meet with our clients, or go at some impotent event or anything...
this is not personal. this is called PRIORITY.
Our dogs ARE our priority.
If You are thinking about getting puppy from us -
I hope You have the same priority.
I hope You will listen.
I hope You will follow.
I hope You will keep Your mind open.
Do not take things way to personal.
Because it is not about YOU. It is about Thee DOG
and what is better for him or for her. For THEM.

And if THIS is how You want to build Your relationships with Your breeder -
welcome to be a part of our family!..

But if You expect that You can text me any time of night or day with not that important questions and I have to text you back immediately...
It is NOT going to happen.

Remember - we have priorities. And I'm getting to may mail AFTER I took care of my puppies and dogs.
AND I do not have i-pad, i-phone, smart phone and texting attached to my cell plane.
You need to call me and talk, if You expect to get instant answer.

If You expect that You can walk in to see cute puppies, just because You happened to be at neighborhood - this is NOT going to work.
We are not a ZOO. We are not open around the clock. We actually live here.

If You expect that I will be willing to meet with You ANY day what works for You - this is wrong. You are not coming to the business place, we are family. We have birthdays. We get sick. We go places.

And if You scheduled to be here at 12, but showed up at 3, we simply may not be here, because we have other things to do. Especially, if You didn't care to call that You are running late.

If You expect that I'll throw puppy in the bag and meet with You half-way somewhere... forget about it.
It mean for me only one thing - You do not want this dog that bad to travel and pick it up from his home.
And You don't care to meet with us for conversation about what is the best for Your puppy.
 you do not care about keeping relationships.
You do not care to be a part of our pack.
You chose to stay the stranger.
I do not feel comfortable to give my puppies to strangers.

Please respect those rules and those priorities... 
OR... we are not the breeders for You.
Do not waste You time, please look somewhere else...

However, if You actually DO care what is the best for Your dog...
Realize that Your dog is not a toy - it is life-long commitment.
Dog doesn't owe You anything. Dog doesn't have to be "convenient".
It may get sick. it WILL get old. 
It is alive.

If You stay in touch.
Ask important questions.
Call me in the middle of night when it is an emergency.
I will be here for You.
because I care about my puppies
and those who love them.

                                 Your Breeder.                                 

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