Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year from our pack to Yours!

 Above - Lusha all dressed up for party and says: "Happy New Year!"

Our little guys from Elly and Roy are two weeks old now 
and finally have their eyes open!...'What a wonderful gift
for this magical night!..
Of course this little miracle resulted into some new photoshoot.
Enjoy! They are precious.
As far as we know both little ladies
do not have any names yet, unlikely their brother Winston!
But they all are sold and will go to their new homes
in February of upcoming 2016.

Best wishes to all our friends and their 4-legged companions!
This will be our last blog post for this year...

See You all in 2016!

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas to all!

Merry Christmas to all our schnauzer families,
who celebrate this occasion!

For the rest - Happy Holidays!

Friday, December 18, 2015

Elly x Roy 2016 litter.

 Elly and Roy' 2015 litter just arrived on December 15.
Irina and I went to do little "baby-shopping" and returned with some
super cute fabric to use for this photoshoot.
Naturally now You can tell who is who...
Above - flying with little white sheep is our baby-boy.
He is Black and Silver and he already has a family waiting for him.
Below, surrounded by flowers, are two our young ladies...
They are Salt/Pepper color.
One of those two is sold as well and the other one
is in the process of to be spoken for...
We still looking for the right family to give her a new home...

Congratulations to new puppy owners!
You, guys, know who You are! 

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Last show weekend of 2015.

Mid-December 2015. Weather is nice and warm, day time temperature is in 60s.
With the group of friends -owners and breeders, we spend 3 days
showing our beautiful dogs in Allentown PA. Good friends, great times,
but this time - no points on our account.
I care less, Lusha was flawless. I'm proud of her.
We ended up this season with picking up 6 singles and
 when spring comes will go back in the ring for those majors.
During the winter we will play with Obedience
and Rally practice and some agility exercises...
And also I'm going to paint more... I had my painting program on hold,
because of all dog-related events,
but now I'll have more time for my other love - Thee ART.

Here is some of still shots and short video from todays show.
Our baby-girl is all grown up now and knows her stuff.

On another note we expect few interesting litters during this winter and hopefully
will end up with some new show prospects to keep...
But time will tell... Mean while we are done with this show season.
It was marvelous!

Saturday, December 5, 2015

3 more titles!

 This Friday we attended one more Rally trial. 
This time it was at Bella Vista training center.
Our first time at that facility and we LOVED it!
Result - 3 more qualification scores and 3 more finished titles.
Lusha and Roy got their Rally Advance titles,
while Chant finished his Rally-Novice.

 Here they all are together with Irina, who handled 2 out of 3.

 Roy (on the left) and Lusha (right)
with their daily bounty - green qualification ribbons,
purple rosettes for new AKC title and placement rosettes.
Roy got second high score in the class( Red Rosette)
and Lusha scored on the third place (Yellow Rosette).

Of course now Lusha has it all, as a queen she is!

After we finished with both advanced class dogs, 
Irina took out Enchanter and I took out my camera,
so now we have this video of them two performing...
Beautiful job, Irina-Chant team!

... and this was our last performance trial for the year...
Now we can practice and wait what the spring will bring to us!...