Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Bobby's babies week old.

Bobby's babies are week old now. Big and chubby
and there is a only other news- they lost their tails.
Above and below - pictures of both boys.

 3 little piggies (I mean "sisters"!) are to follow...
Adorable, aren't they?..

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Bobby's litter, last one for 2013.

October.. Beautiful Pennsylvania's fall is here. And so is our fall breeding season's litter!
Yesterday around 11PM our Bobbie, who just half-hour before was calm and interested in her food bowl much more than in delivery of any puppies, suddenly came, put her paws in my lap and look at me ,saying "Mom, it's time".
In the nest box she went. Delivery was quick enough,without any complication.She asked Irina to sit with her, enjoyed massage of back and belly,and light accu-pressure points stimulation to help with pushing. and by 2AM we have 5 wonderful,active, wiggly ,healthy puppies here with us.
It is a treat to have it done like this. Some Mom-to-be doggies through complete drama scenario while getting ready to give birth.Some dig and prepare whole night...every night...during a week or so. And in the morning - every morning! - sweetly stretch,yawn, and go to sleep. And we go to work.After watching that bitch all night long.:-)
Thank you,Bobbie, that was great.
Bobbie presented us with 2 males and 3 females.
After pups were dried off , we performed the Biotinus test, also known as the vigor for life test , what is a part of our routine tests and exercises to get to know our puppies from the moment they were born. Results are recorded with weight ( what was about 7oz in average) and description of puppies together. As puppies grow, we will have better and better picture what each of them is about, what their personality and temperament  like and will be able to give their new families recommendation about training etc of each puppy as individual
As for the vigor test - we are very pleased with our newborns. All 5 were very quick in finding their way to Mommy, and got their first meal without hesitation. Bobbie did not want just to wait and see how babies searching for their way to the "milk bar". She is experienced Mom, and know well what to do to help them a little - she stretched her neck and put her head down, touching pup with her hose, so then baby just had to follow the line mark what she put with her body , along her face,neck,shoulder and -here it is , MILK! "Mom, I found it! Thanks!"
We see how our bitches do it every time when we have little ones born,and it is never stop amaze us - how wise these dogs are, moved by authentic instincts and love.
Now -tonight special, first picture of these Bobbie's babies. Proud father is our handsome Timmy.

Congratulations to Anna and Jordan!
Those two handsome gentlemen above are Yours!

 Lovely ladies are still available.. yet!