Monday, May 28, 2012

Lulu with her show babies!

Our beautiful Lulu (Camron's I'm A Lulu) never happened to be a show star,
but she is sure on a way to earn her honorable title of "Top Producer".
As soon she will have 3 confirmed Champion puppies, she will go down in history
as one of Top Producing B/S bitches...
and not that many dogs earned that level of recognition.

Lulu had her very first litter sired by our wonderful boy Teddy -
Shazzam Of Oz Custom Made
(son of Blackwitch Trend Setter).
From that very first litter our friend and breeder of Lulu - Carol Meitzler 
kept a boy "Ringer" ("Camron's Let Freedom Ring").
In a short time Carol finished him as a Champion. 
You can see this beautiful dog on picture above.

Lulu's last litter was our another big success. This time we bred her 
to the beautiful CH Wildenberg's All That-N-Then Some "Dakota",
owned by another our dear friend - Chris Hilman. 
Out of Dakota we kept 3 beautiful puppies and later two of them hit the show rings.
Shazzam of Oz Something Else "Sammy" was a first one to go and there she went!..
Finished with 3 majors she was second in her class at 
 Montgomery County KC National Specialty 2010.

Sammy's litter-mate, "Vanya" - Shazzam Of Oz Whatever
just started his show run late spring of 2012.
He already got both of his majors and few extra points
and now on his way to become our third beautiful Lulu-pup to be finished.

Like usually, this dog is being expertly handled by Carol and Ron Meitzler.
Thank you, my friends for all You do for us!
You are the best!

Yana's litter, 5 weeks old tomorrow!

Just one more update on Yana's puppies.
They all doing great and look good. They will be 5 weeks old tomorrow
and coming to the age when they will be ready to play more
and eat... even more... if it is possible.
And poop more too.
This is why those cutes are called "poopies".

Well, boys are on the top and two yang ladies below.

Leila X Vanya litter, 7 weeks old.

Leila's beautiful puppies by Vanya already 7 weeks old. Time flies fast! 

Look like we made our choice of boy... and now finally
we going to have handsome all black male schnauzer here, what is nice for change.
I used to see all my boys in Black & Silver.

And of course little Ziva... almost carbon-copy of her Mom, when she was a puppy.

And two of their brothers, what soon will be ready to go to their new homes!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Vanya's first major!

More good news today.... Shazzam Of Oz Whatever "Vanya" is getting his first major this memorial day weekend. Now we have a double reason to celebrate... what is great, but I'm not sure we have time to celebrate. Summer is here - lot of things to do here in the mountains, beside of parties. 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Yana's litter 4 weeks old!

Time to say "Happy Birthday!" to Yana's babies!
Yes, I know, You all wander, how they play and interact etc, BUT... In all actuality they still very young and all they do most of the day - eat or... sleep. just like on picture above.
Just wait few more weeks, they will show some action, now it is time to eat... and sleep... and most importantly - grow!

Above - two boys. Not very happy campers, because we just woke them up
and I do not know single man who like is!..

Two little ladies! Already TOO cute to stay out of trouble!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Shazzam Of Oz Whatever "Vanya" at the show ring.

Our good friends - Carol and Ron Meitzler again did a great job of showing one of our beloved schnauzers.
This time it is Vanya, our young mini, full brother and litter-mate to beautiful Sammy, who just was finished last fall and had her puppies at Christmas night.
We were very pleased with Vanya's first show picture and I had to get it and share it with all our friends.
To make whole story even better, this weekend we found out that one of Vanya's puppies (from his very first Sired litter!), just got two majors and Group 4 and if everything goes smooth, soon our boy to be an official Champion Producer.  I like it even better then idea that he will become a Champion... any breeding dog is just as good as puppies he/she is producing. But he is pretty boy and I think he also will get his title soon and then be back home with his Mommy. Proud of him.
Carol and Ron - thank You so much for all Your help and support.
You are the best! 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Piranhas are growing!...

Well, well... again not schnauzers, but Fox Terriers.
But You have to give them a credit - they are just too adorable at this age not to be the models.
So, take a good look at their morning fun and enjoy the fact - You are not the one to test their little sharp teeth! (Irina is being designated tester). 

Saturday, May 5, 2012

"Double Trouble."

Just one more painting I had to do, after those two beautiful ladies showed up for the grooming session the other day. First we groomed them. Then we had to take them out for photoshoot (what was a lot of fun, because of two our puppies were participating in the process) and then when finally I saw results of that picture taking session I just had to paint their somewhat comical portrait.
Naturally after i finished I call it "Double Trouble" and now it is available on e-bay
... till someone snatched it.

Go to e-bay auction

And here is original photo of my two beautiful models.
Little Bella is on the left and Cloe is on the right.