Monday, August 15, 2016

Update on Jumani.

Unexpectedly Jumani became available due to her prospective owner's family situation.
We are looking for the great forever home for this outstanding puppy.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Bea's litter 2016. Bea X Chant.

 And of course Bea's puppies... Oh boy! Those are always my favorites.
Not mentioning the fact Chant is a Daddy...
They were born on July 28, Birth Day of Beatrix Potter,
lady who wrought charming  "The Tale of Peter Rabbit".
That gave Ira all that 'Mopsy-Flopsy" idea, do not blame me... 
I can't help it. She is getting very creative lately.
All right now... above- Mrs Josephine...
And she is going to be loved and cherished by our Veronika, Irina's daughter
and my God-daughter all-in-one.
Maybe we even will talk her into some shows... maybe... Right, Veronika?...

 "Cotton Tail". We just call him "Cat". 
(I know it is confusing, as he is the dog... 
male dog after all.)

 Of course... not to forget "Mr. Peter"... he is the biggest one 
with small white spot on front of his chest.
You will love him. We already do.

 "Mopsy" and "Flopsy"... not sure which one is which.
All questions to Irina.
(here we go Ira, You have more things to do -
identify who is "Mopsy" and who is... You know what!)

Now I'm off to walk our dogs, 
You guys enjoy all those photos we just posted.
It may not be any others for a while, as we have more shows coming up
and it will will surely keep me away from blogging.
Oh, well! It is all for good.

Tutta and Timmy 2016 litter.

 First photoshoot of this litter. About week old.
Irina came up with Forest themed manes this time. So here we go...
Above: Mtn Laurel (AKA "Laury")

 Hemlock ("Hemi")

 Juniper (""Juni").

 Hickory ("Kory")

 Oak Leaf ("Oakley")

And last, but not list - Lady Fern ("Fern")


Bloomsburg Show weekend.

 Next week after Neeta-Nee it was a Bloomsburg show,
but for various reasons we could only attend very last day
 with only one dog what was Gigi....
Poor girl is still be in heat and
wasn't very interested in the ring procedure, instead
 she was looking around for hot boys!..
Regardless of that we ended up with taking reserve winner,
just like weekend before.
We also had great time chatting with friends and Judge 
(after her ring assignment).
Above - schnauzer circle of friends.
Below - our Monday's trophy.

Neeta Nee Dog Show.

 In mid-July Jim and I went to Neeta-Nee Kennel Club dog show.
It held in Centre Hall (Central PA) and this time of the year IT IS HOT!
But fun part about it was - we camped at the show grounds
side-by side with our friends and their schnauzers
and had wonderful time regardless of heat.
Beside of temperature, weather was beautiful, I walked the dogs
and couldn't resist to take some pictures in the morning with all the flowers.
Sure those are weeds, but so pretty!
Our show stars this time were Roy - above
and Awwa (below, left) with Gigi (below right).

 Girls totally enjoyed themselves.
Roy was trying to explain me that Mrs Gigi came in season
and it should have to do something with him...
I told him "NO! We are here to work."

 Evenings were on a cooler side, we had a picnic outside of our camper
and schnauzers joined us.

First day of show... Can not complain!
Roy went Best of Breed, Awwa got reserve winner bitch.
Gigi did well too, considering her situation.

 Next day went better yet. Roy got a Breed again,
Awwa got winner bitch and Gigi got reserve.
I opted NOT to go for the groups, as it was way too hot
and dogs already worked hard.
Instead we just wrapped up our stuff and went home to AC.
Soon we got our show pictures!
Above - Roy winning Breed on a day 1.
Below - Roy and Awwa on a day too.
We all about baked, but we had the job done!
6 points on two dogs over two days show weekend... Happy!

Kenya and Timmy litter at glance...

 Time goes fast when You having fun... Or when You are busy.
Life with puppies is both - much fun and very busy.
Daily routine, new things to do, new places to explore, grooming etc.
On a picture above You can see how well 7 weeks old pup
can tolerate grooming. On picture below- learning to stand pretty on a table.
No problem! Of course if You teach them how and reassure them it is all OK.

8 weeks old puppies are truly handful. Unless they sleep or eat,
they want to play all the time, chase each other, tear newspapers etc...

They also learn how to interact with their humans.
And this is very important part.

Each one by this time developed bright individuality
in how to approach other dogs, people and world around.
You can read it on their faces and we never get tired of it.

But as I mentioned - time goes fast and finally it is their time
to go to their new families what barely can wait
to meet new family member in person... for the first time!

Yes, we do miss them!
But now we gained some new friends and also...
also I finally have a bit of free time to update this blog.
Sorry it took a while, but You know...
priorities! :-)