Sunday, December 30, 2012

Gina's litter Christmas time!

 Just few more pictures of beautiful Gina's babies
taken different days in between Christmas and New Year.

Beautiful babies, aren't they?!.

Just for fun!...

How You can see this is really complicated to do anything in our house without schnauzer participating.
I was in fact trying to do recording of my birds singing, but what also do we hear?...
One of our schnauzers wasn't that happy that she is not the one to be a movie star this time.
And You can hear her opinion on background!

Puppies and their lunch.

Often we getting the same old question: "How long should I keep my puppy's bowl with food out for him and when should I put it away?" Mmmm... we always have the same answer: Unless Your dog is picky with food (what is unusual for schnauzers), you will not have time to think - when to take that dish from Your dog.
One moment and it is all gone. Here is Gina's 5 weeks old litter working on their lunch. Only one word coming in my mind - PIRANHAS! 
Sorry, not really good video this time, but it will give you concept how quickly food disappearing... 

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Bea's pups are month old.

 Bea's three (I just can't call them "little guys", they are anything, but "little"!)
are just turned to be month old. Even they are only few days older then Gina's,
they already acting different. We had to extend their area twice and they
quickly realized what newspapers are good for...
I'm leaving it to Your imagination, but I'm personally totally agree with puppies
about that subject...
Not only they learned about newspapers, but also they made new discovery.
There is a FOOD in Mommy's bowl!
Now they know.
(Therefore it is about time to start feed Bea separately from her puppies!)

 This one just made it to "newspaper area" and now not sure -
should she take more effort and get to the comfortable box for napping, or...
just hung out there?...

Those two... clear choice! Comfortable nap it be!
Oh... troublesome litter... I love them all, I want them all. 

Gina's babies are growing (3 weeks old).

 Time is flying fast and Gina's little guys already 3 weeks old.
Therefore I'm posting some new updated pictures for everybody to enjoy.
Above - momma Gina with all 5 babies.

 Two pictures above are all boys. they all very handsome looking little guys,
this time we didn't have a chance to start making favorites with any of them.

 This is the only girl in the litter. Nice and cute, just as mommy.

After meal time (first picture) there is a nap time. And this is all they do now.
Still too little for games, but it is coming.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

More on Bea's litter...

Not much  is going on there... they are growing, getting bigger
and now You can see their eyes... Well - sort of.
They dodn't have much reason to keep those little eyes open - 
they eat and sleep and in duration of both processes for some reason
like to keep eyes shut... Just like that!
(Proof is below and BTW that is the "eating" part,
sleeping part will be right after that)

Gina's babies.

 Above - our beautiful Gina (Shazzam Of Oz Regina).
She is enjoying her first experience of being a mother.
Just like her Mom - Basya (Shazzm Of Oz Basic Beauty)
and grandmother Casya (Shazzam of Oz Cassandra)
she really loves it and does a great job of taking care about little ones.

How You can see - she is pretty content in her new
apartment with luxurious bedroom
(BTW there is electric heat under all this construction,
at case if You wander: are they warm?)

Pups are... FAT. (Or should I politely call it "chubby?) 

 Irina was trying to take better pictures of boys, but all they did -
they were looking for more milk. Blanket is fluffy, therefore it should be 
some milk... they just have to find it!

And naturally above - the only girl in the litter 
(it is sort of getting old - doesn't it? Again "the only girl"!)

Guys, I promise to post more photos, but I totally can not do it as often as every day.
So please be patient and bare with me... I need to do other things, then blogging.
It is a fun part, but there is a work too... Grooming, cleaning, feeding etc...

Monday, November 26, 2012

"Diva's" first litter.

After our Bea was finished with her show adventures it finally was a time to try out
that whelping box. November 12 was a day to see what it all comes down to...
Our oldest bitch, Cassandra had to take supervisor's duty.

 Naturally Irina was participating too, but schnauzers girls weren't sure -
human is enough and had to stay around as well.

All went fine and here they are!... Our new show hopes - two girls and a boy.

Bea is very comfortable in her new position and quickly realized -
it does bring her even more benefits... as this new plush blanket, she likes so much.
It keeps everybody worm and comfortable.
Today pups are two weeks old and starting to open their eyes.
Very existing moment!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Bobby's litter 2012, 6 weeks old.

Today we decided to do that very photoshoot everybody was asking about.
Guess what?.. Little Rascals weren't up to cooperate.
Perhaps it is all about weather, but they were bored and sleepy during whole event
and the only thing what got some of their attention was a food, of course.
What didn't make my job any easier, because as soon they suspected "somewhere there was a food"
the rest of cooperation was gone.
But I managed to take few all right photos and now offering You to have some fun and play recognition game (try to recognize where is Your puppy).

Yes, those are "picture of the day"style of shots...
"I'm soooo bored with this process!
Can those humans figure out some different kind of game?..."

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hurricane updates.

For all of You, our friends, who wandering how did we make it with latest extreme weather
we had on East Cost I'm glad to report - we made it fine.
Sure, we had some water leaks here and there and some of that will need to be fixed, but except for that family and all dogs are fine. Dogs were disgusted to go out with all the rain and wind we were getting,
but that was it. Lots of wind, water and very wet dogs.
We hope that our friends on East Cost are safe as well. 
Please let us know how You and Your dogs made it trough the Storm!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

"Happy Camper".

Just for Andrey and Olja (and Sasha, of course!)
Your little girl did great there and she is just too cute with her brand-new hair-cut.
Some pictures for you, guys... Enjoy!

Meeting of new friend.

 ... and even more of friends!...

"Mommy! Is it mine? (whatever you have there!)"

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Bobby's puppies 2,5 weeks old!

 Above and below - our little and the ONLY girl.
Her name is Hali and she is totally adorable.

And everybody on a blue blanket are naturally... boys!
Not to be confused - we have 5 of them, not 6.
last up-side down picture just for fun and this is one of 5 boys You can see above.
It was just too cute not to post, therefore I did. (And why not?!)

Little guys all have their eyes open and starting getting around their "bedroom",
but most of the time they just sleep and eat. And it will stay the same for about 
another month or so... then it will ne whole different puppies, playful and perhaps even noisy.
mean while we enjoy what we see (and do NOT hear!)

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Fox Terrier bitch available.

This lovely Fox Terrier bitch puppy 
is currently looking for new home.
Owner got full time job and sadly couldn't keep her anymore.
Please contact as ASAP for more information.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Bobby's 5 + 1 !

For those who is waiting on puppy news... Bobby had her litter nice and easy this Monday.
This is the only pictures of little guys with tails, what you will see on this blog.
Above - all 5 boys together. Squirming around and not letting me to take a good shot.

Two boys in Irina's hands. Still trying to get away.

The only little lady who already has a home. Nice, isn't she?..

We will be posting more, but so far this is it. hope You all enjoyed it!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Plastic Coated Pet Food Kibble?


Kibbles are easy way to feed out pets, but is it really the best way? What we are REALLY feeding ?

Plastic Coated Pet Food Kibble?

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Beauty's cuties.

 Sorry, with my Out-Of-State painting trip all blogging again was behind.
But here is a very special treat for everybody - brand new pictures of beauty's litter.
They are just TOO cute, if such a thing is even possible.

Enjoy! (We sure do!)

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Beauty's "humsters" are month old!

Beauty's little pups are just about month old. The biggest thing about them - now they started to eat something other then  their Mom. We give them variety of natural food as yogurt, boiled chicken and rice,
some lean cooked burger and even some soaked with water dog food from the bag..
neither Irina nor myself are big fans of manufactured dog food, but reality is - most of those little guys will have to stay on that very diet and they need to get adjusted not only to home-made goodies but store brand meals as well. They feel all right about it. If You will take good look on those pictures, you will clearly see that they had their meal not that long time ago and it was Irina's cooking this time and not a Beauty's milk.

Above - two adorable black sisters. To my full surprise one of them is still available.

Above - the only man in this garden of girls. Doesn't he look already like a serious little man?

And lastly - all 3 little black/silver sisters. very cure and totally do not get
what did we drag them out of their bed for?.. They just ate, it will be good time to sleep now.
At this gentle age they still mostly sleeping, unless they are eating... And it is all right.
few more weeks and we will have totally different puppies who are ready for some serious games.

Lacya's little ladies.

 So... what about those "little ladies"?... They will be 2 month old in a few days and feel all grown ups!..
Today's vet visit went well and we realized that everybody weight as much as 4 pounds, or something around it... They are getting really big, very curious and starting more and more interesting about getting out of their pen and play with some other dogs. They do not realizing the fact - they are not that big, how they think they are and their pen is for their own good.

 Today we took them to play in outside fenced area. Introduced to some new toys. All went well.

It was big day for our little girls, but even bigger day is coming.... soon they will be ready to go home.