Thursday, December 19, 2013

Gina's puppies are here!

Just a quick update for those who are waiting news about new born puppies- Gina's 2013 litter is on a ground. They all doing well and recently lost their long tails. Gina is being a great Mom, just like previous year.
I'm a little behind with all my web updates and letters, because hardly can make myself to work on blogging and writing. This week we lost our dear friend and bird mentor - Roxanne. She was great person and very knowledgeable finch/canary breeder. We were lucky to have this lady in our lifes... unfortunately not for long. So please... bear with me here. Pictures and updates will be up soon.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Grrrr!... Grrr!.....

Couldn't resist, but record how they play few days ago.
They are getting to be very active and total joy to watch!
Love that puppyish "Grrr!...Grrr!.." from their area.

Bobby's litter 4 weeks old... almost!

Our "litter box" full of... the most adorable litter one can imagine.

"Visitors" checking, if mommy Bobby does her job right.

OK - even more visitors.

... and some individual pictures just to see those sweet faces!..

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Bobby's babies week old.

Bobby's babies are week old now. Big and chubby
and there is a only other news- they lost their tails.
Above and below - pictures of both boys.

 3 little piggies (I mean "sisters"!) are to follow...
Adorable, aren't they?..

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Bobby's litter, last one for 2013.

October.. Beautiful Pennsylvania's fall is here. And so is our fall breeding season's litter!
Yesterday around 11PM our Bobbie, who just half-hour before was calm and interested in her food bowl much more than in delivery of any puppies, suddenly came, put her paws in my lap and look at me ,saying "Mom, it's time".
In the nest box she went. Delivery was quick enough,without any complication.She asked Irina to sit with her, enjoyed massage of back and belly,and light accu-pressure points stimulation to help with pushing. and by 2AM we have 5 wonderful,active, wiggly ,healthy puppies here with us.
It is a treat to have it done like this. Some Mom-to-be doggies through complete drama scenario while getting ready to give birth.Some dig and prepare whole night...every night...during a week or so. And in the morning - every morning! - sweetly stretch,yawn, and go to sleep. And we go to work.After watching that bitch all night long.:-)
Thank you,Bobbie, that was great.
Bobbie presented us with 2 males and 3 females.
After pups were dried off , we performed the Biotinus test, also known as the vigor for life test , what is a part of our routine tests and exercises to get to know our puppies from the moment they were born. Results are recorded with weight ( what was about 7oz in average) and description of puppies together. As puppies grow, we will have better and better picture what each of them is about, what their personality and temperament  like and will be able to give their new families recommendation about training etc of each puppy as individual
As for the vigor test - we are very pleased with our newborns. All 5 were very quick in finding their way to Mommy, and got their first meal without hesitation. Bobbie did not want just to wait and see how babies searching for their way to the "milk bar". She is experienced Mom, and know well what to do to help them a little - she stretched her neck and put her head down, touching pup with her hose, so then baby just had to follow the line mark what she put with her body , along her face,neck,shoulder and -here it is , MILK! "Mom, I found it! Thanks!"
We see how our bitches do it every time when we have little ones born,and it is never stop amaze us - how wise these dogs are, moved by authentic instincts and love.
Now -tonight special, first picture of these Bobbie's babies. Proud father is our handsome Timmy.

Congratulations to Anna and Jordan!
Those two handsome gentlemen above are Yours!

 Lovely ladies are still available.. yet!

Monday, September 30, 2013

"Schnauzer Weekly" project. September 30 - October 6, 2013

"Lady with Daisies"

This week I painted my beautiful Lulu. She was posing so well for me,
when we did this photoshoot some time ago...
Only flowers weren't on picture. 

Here is the link to the auction:

Monday, September 23, 2013

"Schnauzer Weekly" project. September 23-29, 2013.

"Schnauzer Weekly" (SW) is my new project/personal art challenge.
I'm going to make and  post on this blog and my e-bay action site
ONE hand-made figurine, or painting, or whatever
featuring miniature schnauzer.
#1 SW is an earrings box featuring truly miniature hand-made
of pure 99% silver cast figurine of miniature schnauzer.
Made of PMC (Precious Metal Clay, Silver)
Truly unique, one-of-a-kind!
I didn't keep the mold, so it will be no others.

Bonus for this SW is a delicate pair of brand-new fresh-water
pearl earrings

Friday, September 6, 2013

Important information on new viral outbreak. Please read!

There is a serious concern among breeders and show handlers about new dog sickness what look like PARVO, however could be as deadly for adult animals as for puppies. It is not confirmed yet, but look like it is new viral mutation and vaccines what currently available are NOT protecting Your dog.
So far situation is not clear, however cases of illness reported as close to us as Ohio.
Please be careful taking Your pets in any public dog-places  (doggy-parks, dog show grounds etc.).
This is not HOAX and could be very serious.
American Miniature Schnauzer Club members  trying to pass this info around for the last few days.
Read more below.

By Kathy Antoniotti
Akron Beacon Journal

"Three dogs in the Cincinnati area died and a dozen more were sickened last month with the illness. Symptoms include bloody diarrhea and vomiting, extreme lethargy, neurological problems, a lack of appetite and other maladies..."
Link to complete article:

Dog-killing illness in Ohio remains mystery; theory points to new ‘circovirus’ | Pets | The Seattle Times

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Assignment: "Find Prada!"

Assignment: "Find Prada!"

That would be too easy! "I'm outta here!"-says Prada (on a left).
Staying up to her name and feeling all special she didn't care 
to cooperate in our photoshoot!... Oh, well!..
What about everybody else?..

Left to right: Prada (starring, but in the bush),
Munchkin (being a good boy, trying very hard),
Babe (already thinking to escape and start new adventure!)
and Pepper (sitting pretty and trying to please, as usually).

Hope You like them all and now Good Night!
(perhaps it is "Good Morning" for You, but it is after 12 PM here).

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Lacya's litter on playground.

Not much time to do all those video, but today
we decided to give You, guys, a little treat..
Enjoy watching our little rascals exploring great outdoors!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

New games etc.

What this post is about today? Clearly about sweet NOTHING!
Ira and I had so called "day off". In our meaning it is a day
when we do something what is not scheduled, but we just feel
like doing this time... I like this feeling.
This is what I call "Freedom". Our "freedom" simply is a 
"freedom of choices".
One of the things we did today; small photoshoot of puppies.
Not for any reason, just because  they were 
playing so well and we happened to have camera 
right on the middle of kitchen table!

Lacya's pups are just about two weeks younger compare to Tutta's guys,
but they  too discovering joy of playing with toys.

Above: Prada (left) and Pepper (right) Vs Mr Monkey.
At my humble opinion Mr Monkey doesn't have a chance!
Below: Boy and girl from Tutta trying to figure out
whose toy it is...

Perhaps tomorrow we will be able to take some more pictures
of them playing outside...
But we will see how day goes!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Scary Blue "THAT" by Shazzam Of Oz video production.

This is a good demonstration video about how to  introduce Your puppy
to new things, what may look for him scary at beginning. 
Do not force You young dog, just show - there is nothing to be afraid of.
Make a little fun game out of it.
Your puppy will follow You, just let him do it on his own pass.


"Gigi", the schnauzer, as  "Shy puppy with one ear down"

"Sasha", the Fox Terrier, as  "Evil Villain who wants that Toy".

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Help needed !!!

Now, my friends, after I posted all those pictures, I have to ask all of You about return-favor!..

Our British friend surprised as one day ( a while ago) when mentioned the fact that in England
they call "puppies" - "pooppies". Not sure, it is spell "poopies, but  this is how it sounds like...
And there is a good reason for it... Being a "poopies", puppies require a lot of reading material
often called simply "newspapers". And we constantly running out of those... therefore I have to ask You: when You are coming to visit (or pick up) Your puppy,
we would really appreciate some generous donation of this valuable paper...
So our puppies (and our house where they live) will be always clean and fresh!

Thank You in advance!

Irina, Tatiana

Lacya X Timmy litter, 4+ weeks.

Lacya's kids are 7 weeks old by now and getting to be pretty independent.
They are also ready for their first shots now, but they do not know about it
and we are going to keep it this way.
The "gentleman of this litter" is captured on a picture above.

His 3 little sisters are follow him one after another.
They growing up quickly and getting in the age for funny games
what only puppies can play.

Sometime soon I'm going to treat You with puppy-play video..
I hope I'll find a time to edit that stuff and upload so everybody can enjoy.

Stay tuned!

Tutta x Roy litter, 7 weeks.

I'm finally back home from our trip to West and finally can do something
what You all were asking as to do - update blog with new puppy pictures.
At this age puppies starting to grow and change rapidly and sure
You will mention BIG difference with how look now compare how they looked
on a previous post. The only thing what didn't change - they all still healthy and beautiful!
The only boy in the litter is one above.

Sorry, but I couldn't make my pick from those two ladies... I like them both.
Above - smaller and lighter girl. Below is her slightly darker and bigger sister..
Wouldn't You have a hard time to make Your choice?..

They all look a bit sleepy here, but they have all rights to be (and so am I).
When I started working with photos today it was way after 11 PM
and little guys weren't really sure why do we drag them out of their cozy nest
and asking to pose for us.
Well, now they are back to bed and long gone to their fields of dreams.
I still working of pictures and blogging, but hopefully soon Ira and I will make them a company.
It is getting pretty late here, in PA.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Lacya's 2013 litter is week old.

 Week old. Cute as only puppies could be.
Ears are still closed, eyes are still closed,
but knows very well, how to find their Mommy!

One of those pretty ladies above is still available for the right family.

Tutta's litter is 3 weeks old!

Time is flying fast!... Tutta's little guys are 3 weeks old by now and have their eyes wide open.
Still - their thee ONLY activity is a 'Milk bar"!

We are not lost!

To all my wonderful friends and clients who concern what happened with  our web and blog updates...
We are fine here and so are dogs. However last two weeks we are heavily working on remodeling, refinishing of house and area where dogs are kept etc. On the top of our regular routine with animals and my 95 year-old Mom-in law remodeling does take a lot of time. With all my heart I would like to spend days playing with puppies and camera, but it is a luxury at this moment I can not afford. Please be patience... Picture are coming, when I'll have chance to get to it. Dogs care comes first. Camera play will have to wait.
Thank You for Your understanding!


Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Need loving home!

Will conceded an offer from responsible pet owners!..
This little guy is looking for loving family to adopt him and be loved.
Loves to play in the grass and go for long walks.
Has sunny personality and playful.
To learn more about his adoption process click here!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Dog days of summer...

Today we ran across this interesting information
and I want to share it with all of You... 
This is  table what compare  temperature of the AIR in hot summer day
and temperature of ASPHALT, what Your beloved puppy has to walk on...

Simple test could be helpful: put Your hand on asphalt and hold it for 5 to 10 seconds.
If it feels to hot for You, it will feel too hot for Your dog too.

Tutta's first puppies.

Finally we have new-born litter from two happy young parents -
Tutta (Shazzam Of Oz Tutta La Vita) and Roy (Shazzam Of Oz Triple Crown).
Look like one of females is still available. 
Here is pictures of this litter... about week old right now.

 Not to confuse anybody... Thee Boy is above.
His sisters are below. Our young gentleman is B/S 
and both ladies will be S/P, just like their Dad.
One of them is much light then another.

They all doing great and Tutta turned to be exceptional mother.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Yanna x Timmy litter 2013.

This spring we have a lot of puppies in our living room due to the fact that our ladies
coming in season all together and like result - litters are following one another.
This is Yana's litter 2013, what is exact replica of her 2012 litter.
Little guys from 2012 all turned out very nice therefore we just repeated the same thing.
No reason to look for better when You have something great.
Above - picture of 4 siblings boys.
Below - there individual shots.

This last one with the toy is the little girl and she is my personal favorite.
For no reason. I just like her.
Therefore I gave her a toy for this photo.