Thursday, June 30, 2016

"Pearl litter" is 3 weeks old

Our Pearl litter is 3 weeks old.
Babies' eyes are open, ears are open,too. I love the moment when they start open eyes  , it is always very special and touching moment .
They start to walk on their legs , moving away from mom bravely,   and have an addition to their nest now with newspaper covered part - it is time to start potty training.
Kenya is a wonderful mother , taking care of her little ones gently and enjoying being with them. She started , however, spend longer and longer time out of nest box .
No need to supplemental feeding for pups yet - mom has plenty of milk , babies are keeping good weight and  are not hungry. We will start introducing yogurt very soon as their first "real food" .
They did not find their voices yet  -  that's , probably , a good thing :-) . But one was growling today when I clip their nails.
We are done with both early programs - ENS  (Early Neurological Stimulation ) and ESI ( Early Scent Introduction) .  As for this moment 42 different scents were introduced .Scent introduction will continue in a bit different manner now to keep babies adopted to different scents they will be exposed to in real life.
Same with sounds .Puppy place is right in the middle of our living area ,connected with kitchen, so puppies are getting familiar with all typical household sounds. To other sounds they are introduced by recorded sounds - of natures, of animals, different people voices, music, sounds of cars and trains, sounds of  crowd of people , farm , city etc.
Basic of clicker training starts now ,too.
Grooming part - nail are done every 5 days. Puppies are rather enjoying nail grinder light sound , they are very relaxed in my hands when we do nails.  They are introduced to hair clipper sound and vibration, though real part of  grooming with clipper took few seconds - just to make one smooth clipping cut of hair from their little butts, for hygienic purpose , and extra few seconds to run a a comb through their coat.  Ones daily we also spend  a minute near running water - as a groomer, I know a lot of dogs who flipping out when they hear water running , so we are trying to prevent this unfortunate and needless stress for our pups .

And -here they are!






   Enjoy the pictures and  stay tuned for more updates, as most interesting time is just starting and I hope you will share it with us!

Monday, June 13, 2016

Kenya's litter just arrived!

Long waited news - Kenya had her litter on June 8th, World Ocean Day.
We have 5 beautiful girls and Irina decided to give them names
of rare pearls, all on different languages... what we did.
then with our best friend and great photographer, Karen Pottiger
we had much fun making this collage!...
Welcome this new addition to Shazzam's family.