Wednesday, November 28, 2012

More on Bea's litter...

Not much  is going on there... they are growing, getting bigger
and now You can see their eyes... Well - sort of.
They dodn't have much reason to keep those little eyes open - 
they eat and sleep and in duration of both processes for some reason
like to keep eyes shut... Just like that!
(Proof is below and BTW that is the "eating" part,
sleeping part will be right after that)

Gina's babies.

 Above - our beautiful Gina (Shazzam Of Oz Regina).
She is enjoying her first experience of being a mother.
Just like her Mom - Basya (Shazzm Of Oz Basic Beauty)
and grandmother Casya (Shazzam of Oz Cassandra)
she really loves it and does a great job of taking care about little ones.

How You can see - she is pretty content in her new
apartment with luxurious bedroom
(BTW there is electric heat under all this construction,
at case if You wander: are they warm?)

Pups are... FAT. (Or should I politely call it "chubby?) 

 Irina was trying to take better pictures of boys, but all they did -
they were looking for more milk. Blanket is fluffy, therefore it should be 
some milk... they just have to find it!

And naturally above - the only girl in the litter 
(it is sort of getting old - doesn't it? Again "the only girl"!)

Guys, I promise to post more photos, but I totally can not do it as often as every day.
So please be patient and bare with me... I need to do other things, then blogging.
It is a fun part, but there is a work too... Grooming, cleaning, feeding etc...

Monday, November 26, 2012

"Diva's" first litter.

After our Bea was finished with her show adventures it finally was a time to try out
that whelping box. November 12 was a day to see what it all comes down to...
Our oldest bitch, Cassandra had to take supervisor's duty.

 Naturally Irina was participating too, but schnauzers girls weren't sure -
human is enough and had to stay around as well.

All went fine and here they are!... Our new show hopes - two girls and a boy.

Bea is very comfortable in her new position and quickly realized -
it does bring her even more benefits... as this new plush blanket, she likes so much.
It keeps everybody worm and comfortable.
Today pups are two weeks old and starting to open their eyes.
Very existing moment!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Bobby's litter 2012, 6 weeks old.

Today we decided to do that very photoshoot everybody was asking about.
Guess what?.. Little Rascals weren't up to cooperate.
Perhaps it is all about weather, but they were bored and sleepy during whole event
and the only thing what got some of their attention was a food, of course.
What didn't make my job any easier, because as soon they suspected "somewhere there was a food"
the rest of cooperation was gone.
But I managed to take few all right photos and now offering You to have some fun and play recognition game (try to recognize where is Your puppy).

Yes, those are "picture of the day"style of shots...
"I'm soooo bored with this process!
Can those humans figure out some different kind of game?..."