Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Yanna x Timmy litter 2013.

This spring we have a lot of puppies in our living room due to the fact that our ladies
coming in season all together and like result - litters are following one another.
This is Yana's litter 2013, what is exact replica of her 2012 litter.
Little guys from 2012 all turned out very nice therefore we just repeated the same thing.
No reason to look for better when You have something great.
Above - picture of 4 siblings boys.
Below - there individual shots.

This last one with the toy is the little girl and she is my personal favorite.
For no reason. I just like her.
Therefore I gave her a toy for this photo.

Sammy and Teddy kids 2013.

 Another totally adorable litter from Sammy and Teddy.
Girls - above, boys - below.
This little people are to be vaccinated this week. Perhaps tomorrow.
Luckily for me, I have their full sibling from the last year named "Chant"
(Shazzam of Oz Enchanter). And Enchanter he is!
The most adorable schnauzer male I ever had and with great disposition.
This young man is getting ready for 2013 show season.
Hopefully he will like it!

Little bundle of "Joy"!

Little bundle of "Joy" is a literal meaning, because "Joy" is a home name of their father.
Joy lives in Japan, he is Grand Champion of American Kennel Club,
very handsome young man. Those little guys are his kids fro Ellie,
who is a full sister of our beautiful Bea.
We have a lot of expectations on this litter. Those are our future show project.
They are totally adorable... Enjoy!

Friday, May 10, 2013

One more portrait.

Miniature schnauzer with natural ears
head study, pastel. 10 x 8"

For those who is interested - I have my latest ORIGINAL painting 
up for bid on Daily Paintworks (online art auction) with low starting price.

Painting is offered unframed, but could be framed by your request,
OR I can do commissioned painting of Your very own favorite dog.
(Good reference photo is the must for all commissions).