Monday, September 14, 2015

Yana's litter.

Just as promised... (better late then never!)
Posting pictures of Yana's babies.
Boys are 3 fellows above
and girls are naturally on pink.
Sorry, folks! All ladies are reserved! As for the little guys, we are 
going to make our breeders pick out of 3, if we will see one we can't
do without... Then other two little guys will be available to
these lucky families.
So here they all are... Enjoy!

Another show weekend.

This week we spend 4 days on another show - Macungie, PA.
We were showing our schnauzers side-by-side with our friends
(and our former handlers, all-in-one) - Carol and Ron Meitzler.
It was wonderful experience - two days of outdoors
and two days of indoors shows.
We had it all - rain, shine, friendly judges,
not so friendly judges
and many-many dog loving people and beautiful dogs.
We ended up 4 days weekend with putting of 4
Champion points on Chant 
as well as 2 points on Lusha.
Best of all it all happened in Bred/By class!

I was very happy to have our "little girl", my God daughter, Veronika
back with us helping out with showing of whole our gang...
BTW, this weekend we introduced Roy to conformation shows as well,
and he got a bunch of blue ribbons too...
Roy was shown all 4 days in Novice class by Veronika and Jim
for whom it was his first show weekend when he got to show the dog.
Way to go, guys!
I couldn't do it without You!
My dear Irina had to stay home and supervise our beautiful Sammy,
who was about to give birth to her puppies...
She presented us with her litter the very next day after show was over.

 Above- me with Lusha (left) and Carol (right).
First show day. Rain just stopped.

Above - Joan Huber with her Champion boy taking Best of Breed.
Veronika with Chant (Winner Dog) and me with Lusha.
Lusha won Winner Bitch, Best of Winners and Best of Opposite Sex.
Not bad day!

 Above - last show day (indoors),
Me with Chant.

Above - Last show day. me with Lusha.
She ended up the same way as a first day - collect all the same ribbons, plus
another pretty one - for best of Breed Owner-Handled.
We we suppose to go for the OH group, but had to rush back home,
as Veronika had to work that day...
Our Good-Ball Chant managed to get two Best of Winners and
Owner-Handled Best of Breed the other two days...
We ended up with some ridiculous amount of ribbons...
It was a blast!
I also got to show a cutest young female of Norwich Terrier
in Best of Breed ring...
Guess what?!
We managed to get Best of Winners with that little girl!
She was fun to show, but I do not have any pictures of it.

Well, now we are back home taking well deserved brake
and enjoying our new born puppies.
It was much work, this weekend, but much fun too...
So great when family can do those things together...

Stay tuned, guys, more posts are coming, but I only can do so much 
with my time.


Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Where did the time go?!

Above- "Lusha"
Shazzam Of Oz Tactical Solution
in Bred/By class.

"Where did the time go?!"
Really - where?..

It was long week. Yana had her beautiful litter of 6 puppies,
sired by Timmy. Hopefully there will be a boy worth of keeping.
Weekend, Jim , I and Veronika went to Altoona with 3 of our schnauzers
 for another conformation show weekend.
Dogs did well. I have few photos, unfortunately none of good ones.
Having Veronika for the first time in ages helping me out
was very refreshing and helpful indeed.
Ira had to stay back home with new born litter.

Above - "Chant"
Shazzam Of Oz Enchanter
in Bred/By conformation class.

Above- Veronika with (left to right)
Shazzam Of Oz Awesome News "Awwa"
Shazzam Of Oz Enchanter "Chant'
Shazzam Of Oz Tactical Solution " Lusha"

... and their ribbons!

On return back home we had to hurry up and send some puppies home.
Meeting our new friends and members of "Shazzam's" family
was a great experience.

Then we had two more days of playing with Rally and Agility...
That was too much fun and I'm going to post some videos
as soon those will be edited...

... and new born puppy-pictures are coming...
... and we have 4 more days of upcoming shows...
Wish us much luck and stay tuned!
I'll post more as soon I have more time.