Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Meanwhile in Duncannon...

 Meanwhile in Duncannon there is a lot of different commotion going on.
Leila's puppies are ready to go home, but they have no idea they are 
"going home", therefore all they want to do - play, play, play!
Fortunately they have many play-companions. Our beautiful Avva
(daughter of Bea) is ready to give them a hand and daughter of our Beauty,
Phoebe who is spending here her vacation is participating too.

 We can give them all possible toys, but...
There is a NOTHING compare to opportunity of stealing
of firewood. Every time my dogs can get their teeth on a log, they do so.
Puppies, how You can see are no different.

Of course after their play they have to take a nap...
extensive one. I'm slightly envious. Lately we had  work, work and more work
and no naps. Oh well!.. This is a privilege of being a human.

"Bearded One" Oil painting by Tatiana Myers.

"Bearded One"
10 x 8", oil on board.

This is another miniature schnauzer study I did for Daily Paintworks.
This small painting is listed up for the auction with low starting price.
If interested, please check it out.
Back by popular demand. Everybody likes those.
Perhaps I need to start painting more of them again!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Sophie's puppies vet visit.

This week we went to see Dr. Lisa to our vet office with 3 Sophie's pups.
Everybody looks good and here us a small video of our visit.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Kaleidoscope of Leila's babies pictures.

 Not much to say, but a lot to enjoy!... Pictures of precious babies at their best.

 On a play...

 And eating... I mean - sleeping!..

And having good time (did I mention "sleeping", because they finished their "eating" part?)
in their new extended play area.

And enjoying visitation of their future adopted parents!
Yes, this is not a misprint. 
I think Our dogs are adopting US just as much as we adopt them.

Of course before adoption, we have to cage-train new prospective parents.
This human on the right is doing very well in a puppy pen.
Of course Irina (on the left) has to supervise all the process, as perfectly cage trained human
with many years of experience!..

They will make a happy family... in a few weeks!
But right now those puppies still have important job to do - GROW.

In is sunny day in... Pennsylvania!

 We had a busy day today with several of our new "puppy relatives" visiting.
After everybody left, we still have enough warmth and sun light to take
Sophie's babies out for a little "get-away".
Weather was beautiful. First spring blooms are just about everywhere.
So not only we walked with puppies, but also took some great looking pictures for You to enjoy!

Sure it took a while (compliments to Irina) to set them all strait, so i finally could take
a good group shot. All they indeed waned to do - play in grass, eat some dry leaves
and preferably some of those purple blooms too.
So... treasure the moment, they do not stay like that for long!

 Naturally on return everybody had to take a good nap....
Too many new impressions for one day!
Tired puppy is a good puppy (Less toys are getting destroyed. And not only toys)