Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Meanwhile in Duncannon...

 Meanwhile in Duncannon there is a lot of different commotion going on.
Leila's puppies are ready to go home, but they have no idea they are 
"going home", therefore all they want to do - play, play, play!
Fortunately they have many play-companions. Our beautiful Avva
(daughter of Bea) is ready to give them a hand and daughter of our Beauty,
Phoebe who is spending here her vacation is participating too.

 We can give them all possible toys, but...
There is a NOTHING compare to opportunity of stealing
of firewood. Every time my dogs can get their teeth on a log, they do so.
Puppies, how You can see are no different.

Of course after their play they have to take a nap...
extensive one. I'm slightly envious. Lately we had  work, work and more work
and no naps. Oh well!.. This is a privilege of being a human.

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