Saturday, June 9, 2012

Just another morning...

Everybody is asking to see little guys playing, interacting etc.
Trust me - it is not that easy, how you may think.
Big part of the day they still eating and sleeping,
but we starting having those outbursts of jolly madness and puppy games.
Mostly it happens at morning hours when it is not that hot
and we can take them all outside to enjoy frolicking in big fenced area or kennel playground.
This video was recorded this very morning and you can see Momma Yana
with her litter of 6 weeks old B/S puppies,
3 black 9 weeks old puppies from Leila
and two of our older (5 month old) youngsters -
Tobby, thee griffon 
and Chant - thee schnauzer (son of Teddy and Sammy).
They all having good time and 6 weeks old learning how to interact and respect the older ones.
The older ones (5 month old) learning how to control their horse-games
around little ones. Everybody is happy and having a blast!