Monday, July 15, 2013

Lacya's 2013 litter is week old.

 Week old. Cute as only puppies could be.
Ears are still closed, eyes are still closed,
but knows very well, how to find their Mommy!

One of those pretty ladies above is still available for the right family.

Tutta's litter is 3 weeks old!

Time is flying fast!... Tutta's little guys are 3 weeks old by now and have their eyes wide open.
Still - their thee ONLY activity is a 'Milk bar"!

We are not lost!

To all my wonderful friends and clients who concern what happened with  our web and blog updates...
We are fine here and so are dogs. However last two weeks we are heavily working on remodeling, refinishing of house and area where dogs are kept etc. On the top of our regular routine with animals and my 95 year-old Mom-in law remodeling does take a lot of time. With all my heart I would like to spend days playing with puppies and camera, but it is a luxury at this moment I can not afford. Please be patience... Picture are coming, when I'll have chance to get to it. Dogs care comes first. Camera play will have to wait.
Thank You for Your understanding!


Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Need loving home!

Will conceded an offer from responsible pet owners!..
This little guy is looking for loving family to adopt him and be loved.
Loves to play in the grass and go for long walks.
Has sunny personality and playful.
To learn more about his adoption process click here!