Saturday, December 27, 2014

Lusha and Roy Rally-O practice.

Last for this season practice session with
Lusha (above) and Roy (below).
They both tried very hard to pass the course and I believe 
tasty rewords have something to do with that.
We had great time during our 7 weeks training session
and want to be back for more of it at spring.
Rally-O is just too much fun to ignore it!
This is a Novice level in training.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Elly x Chant litter 2014/2015.

 I'm really behind with this post, but better late then never...
So here they are, beautiful guys from Elly and Chant, born in December 2014,
ready to go to their new homes in January 2015.
Our last litter of the year, but what a litter!

All pictures above are pictures of two Salt/Pepper sisters.
We will be reserving one and the second one is already reserved as well.

Above- beautiful S/P boy.
We hoping he will be the one to live with our friends Stacy and Drew.
On this picture - approximately week old.

3 hansom fellows above are 3 Black/Silver puppies boys.
Picture perfect.
One is reserved and two by some miracle are still available.

One more picture of one of those B/S fellows
taken about 10 days later...
Too cute to resist.
I hope to have new photos posted sometime soon,
I do not know where time goes, they are growing so quickly.
Stay tuned!