Thursday, April 23, 2015

A-Maze-Ing life!

It was lovely day indeed. At the morning we had one of our babies
visiting for his beauty fix...
Love this boy! Beautiful dog with great character.
His name is Chase and he belongs to great couple
what brining him back to see him Mommies very often.

At the evening on other hand I got to be a "humane-bate"
and spend plenty of time in a puppy-maze playing with puppies,
so far Ira was playing with two of my cameras...

A-maze-ing life, what also can I tell?..
All right, now I'm going to go back to my painting.
What is one more good thing to do.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

"Spring Joy", finished!

Posting updated painting of my latest art project...
Dyes are set, scarf is washed and ready to wear!
Time to enjoy!
If interested, You can order Yours, with possibility of customization!
100% silk, silk dyes. 

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Boring life of boarders.

This one is the last post for tonight. I promise!
this month we had a house-guest named Lulu.
She was staying with us for a few days to get her spa treatment
and spend a good time at our "woodland resort".
I have to mention that she had luxury apartment all for herself
what under other conditions serves as my studio room, guest room etc.
Well - she WAS a guest after all!

Beautiful girl from Tutta and Roy.
Had to share with You!

Show must go on!

This weekend we spent our time (and money!) at the Harrisburg dog show.
Brought just about a dozen of dogs for health clinic (interesting event by itself)
and got to meet many old friends.
Above (right in the middle with thee ONLY schnauzer) - our friend Carol
in the Terrier Group ring.

 Above - Tanya and Vanya watching Terrier Group.
OK, not exactly - Tanya is watching terriers and Vanya is 
more like watching photographer.

Above - Irina, our two-legged friend Jennifer and our
four-legged friend Rosie.

Above - enjoying the sun!
Hard life of show dog.
(one of babies Carol is showing this spring).
Of course we also got to meet our dear friend Karen,
that was helping us with taking in and out all the schnauzers, but...
no pictures of this event! Hands were busy with all those leashes!
Busy-busy day, but much fun!

Spring is here and Bea's puppies are grown up!

Hard to believe how fast time flies, but here they are - Bea's litter.
Few days ago they got groomed and ready for vet appointment with our vets.
Little ladies are first 4 pictures. They brother is the last one.
BTW, he wasn't very pleased with our photoshoot idea,
that is why he is looking sort of grumpy. 

 After their grooming session everybody went to the vets office
and got to see our Doctor Lisa and her lovely assistant - Emily.

Our vets are terrific and yes, we all normally spend most of time on a floor. 
No worry - it just was freshly sanitized before we brought everybody in.

Now little ones are officially ready to go home.
yes, we WILL miss them, no reason to ask.
I'm in love with Bea and if I could I would keep if not all,
so most of her kids. They are very special to Ira and I.

Spring Joy. Flowers, schnauzers and more...

Finally I have my computer back and can start posting again...
But before I'll post any dogs, I would like to share with You
my latest art project what was another painting on silk.

I wanted to make something very different from just regular
"wall-hanging" piece of art, therefore I made it
to be wearable one.
I made one of my schnauzer-dog into my model
and added some bright tulips from the last spring photoshoot.
I love my dogs and I love my flowers!...
I combined both and got beautiful idea for this piece
what I called "Spring Joy".

 This is a hand-painted with silk dyes one-of-a-kind scarf
decorated with spring blooms and pictures of dogs.
It is finished now and I only have to steam it in a day or two to set the colors.

I'm ready for the next project and ready for spring!