Thursday, April 16, 2015

Spring Joy. Flowers, schnauzers and more...

Finally I have my computer back and can start posting again...
But before I'll post any dogs, I would like to share with You
my latest art project what was another painting on silk.

I wanted to make something very different from just regular
"wall-hanging" piece of art, therefore I made it
to be wearable one.
I made one of my schnauzer-dog into my model
and added some bright tulips from the last spring photoshoot.
I love my dogs and I love my flowers!...
I combined both and got beautiful idea for this piece
what I called "Spring Joy".

 This is a hand-painted with silk dyes one-of-a-kind scarf
decorated with spring blooms and pictures of dogs.
It is finished now and I only have to steam it in a day or two to set the colors.

I'm ready for the next project and ready for spring!

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