Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Sammy's and Yana's puppies, April 2013.

By everybody's request - those are updated pictures.
Today Sammy's litter is 3 weeks old 
and Yana's guys will be 2 weeks tomorrow.
Above and below - pictures of two Sammy's boys.

Of course everyone is asking to see puppies eyes,
but not much I can do... they are showing their tong instead.
We have to be grateful!

Above and below - pictures of Sammy's girls.

Naturally when it was a turn of Yana's puppies,
they got even more sleepy.

Above and below - two pairs of Yana's boys.

And here is their little sister with her pink elephant!
Now we have them all.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Sammy's and Yanna's litters are born!

 To answer at everyone's requests... pictures of new born babies!
Above - two girls from Sammy and Teddy. Just beautiful.

 And here on blue (figures!) two boys from Sammy and Teddy

Yanna's litter from Timmy was just born today.
We started at the morning and finished yearly afternoon.

 Above - 4 beautiful (and very squirmy!) new born boys.
Below - the only one, but just the same beautiful girl.

Congratulations to all families who patiently waited for those beautiful litters!
All puppies are reserved.