Sunday, August 23, 2015

Weekend of ribbons. Day 2.

Second day on show grounds was even better then first.
Lusha got second placement in owner-handled terrier Group.
Judges really likes her, but more then anything I was happy with the fact
that she started to understand rules of show game and plaid with me well.
I knew that look she was giving me periodically:"Am I doing everything right?"
After watching her at owner/handler Group we with Irina decided to give her a try
in a Terrier Group with all the professionals...
Even she didn't get placement there, she performed well
and I think she even  enjoyed it.
She is this way : always likes to know when she is doing what she was asked
and does it right. What a dog!
Even Chant started to understand something more then
"We are just walking on circles here".
Now those two will have two weeks long brake before we go to another show...
Brakes are nice and I need to work on my painting too...

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Weekend of ribbons! Day One.

 This weekend we are spending with Chant and Lusha at the dog show.
It is outdoor show and first time when those two have to perform on a grass...
Yes, sometimes it could be complicated.
But considering all those new things they both did very well
and ended up with bunch of colorful ribbons.
Lusha also earned a beautiful rosette for her Third placement
in owner-handled terrier group.

 Our friends with Australian Cattle Dogs were there too...
Unfortunately we didn't see their ring, as it was at the morning
and miniature schnauzers were just about a last thing out there...

 Irina took some very beautiful unofficial pictures.
Now we waiting for those what were taken by show photographer.
Good chance we will have more tomorrow, as
"Tomorrow is another day!"

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Puppy gym by Jim!

Finally we picked up my order of colored PVC pipes and Jim build this new
totally awesome playground for our babies.
They having TOO MUCH fun with it!
Hard to do anything else, beside of watching them play.

Above: "Eyes".

Above: "Jaws"!

Above: "Jaws-II".

Above: "Eyes and Jaws".

Above and below: "I'm cute, or what?!"

Mail-box treasures!

 This Monday we got full mail box of treasures!
Just some of those I'm posting here (some others are more personal).
Above - our firs show set of winning pictures from Harrisburg Dog Show.
Irina and Chant.
Yes, I know, she would be better off in some lighter skirt, but oh, well...
They two are looking good anyway.
Below - our OFFICIAL Certificates of newly obtained Rally tittles
for Roy and Lusha!
Year of hard work finally paid back.
Nice to know - they can go out there and pass the test as real working dogs.
Viva the Schnauzers!

Sunday, August 16, 2015

One more day of Rally.

 One more day of Rally with Lusha and Roy and it was a looong day!...
We had two tests - one on the morning and another one - at afternoon...
with about 4 hours of waiting time in-between.
We got lost somewhere in constructions and almost missed the beginning,
but still somehow managed to make it and got from the car right to the ring...
And ended up with passing grades and green ribbons!
On afternoon things went more smooth.

York County Dog Training Club, Rally-O trial at Red Lion.
With our friend/mentor Pat Fallon (Left) and Judge Ms. Roberta Horner (Right).

We got two more green ribbons (what mean passing score)
 and Roy got Forth place in his class (to my total surprise I have to admit).
So he was awarded a beautiful rosette too, and some cookies... And they got new toys too.

 While we had such a wonderful time, Jim was the one who did all the hard job at home.
He also passed the test and got so excited about the fact that went on a shopping spree
right from his computer screen... No green ribbons for that, dear Jim!

 Speaking of "shopping spree"...
As it was AM-PM kind of trial, and we have to stay at show ground whole day,
 we got those new beautiful folding cages... Finally!
I was waiting with this step for a long time,
but finally we simply had no choice, but go and get those....
It was very rewarding experience... both dogs LOVED those
and so do we. easy to set up, easy to take down... no more then 5 min. for two.
I'm very impressed...
And so is Lusha, judging by her looks.
She had great afternoon nap there. Good for her!
Our next Rally trial will be at the end of September...
Mean while we going to do some more conformation shows.

Lusha says: "Stay tuned"!

Friday, August 14, 2015

Harrisburg weekend.

 Last weekend two of our schnauzers had their debut at conformation show.
One of them was of course our Lusha.
She is "I want to be it all" sort of girl.
The second "star" was Chant. 
They did pretty well for their first "outing" and ended up with bunch of blue ribbons.
Chant also got his very first point toward the Championship.

Unofficial winning picture is above, but more will be soon coming in mail.

There is also short video of boys competing... that is combination of clips
taken during 3 different days of this show weekend.

Meanwhile... we are getting ready for another Rally trail
coming up this Sunday...
Stay tuned!

Thursday, August 6, 2015

... and more of Awwa's puppies!...

5 to 6 weeks old age is, perhaps, my very favorite age in puppies...
They are getting so playful and cute and totally irresistible...
I just love them all!

... and I'm going to say no more!...
They enjoy all those new toys and we enjoy watching them play!

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Tutta's babies 3 weeks old.

And we also did a little photoshoot of Tutta X Tim babies,
as they all have their eyes open and just too cute not to share!..

 Ladies - above.
Gentlemen - all below.

Just playing around...

...with camera and puppies!...

 Above: Awwa and Chant babies. Month old now.

Boy above, little girl naturally - below with all those flowers!

... And I just had to post this quick shot of our pampered Greta
(Shazzam Of Oz No Regrets).
Sired by Timmy, mothered by Yana.
She is 10 month old.... 
and NO!..
still - NO REGRETS!...
We love everything about her.