We do feed our puppies "mixed diet. Because we do not know - what new family may prefer for their pet - store brand or home-made meal, we adopting our little schnauzers for both kinds of food. They receive "natural" products out of our refrigerator - as yogurt, cottage cheese, eggs, meat products (cooked!). If You are interested to learn more about making food for Your dog and doing it right way we recommend a book
of pet-dietologist Dr. Strombeck.

Our second choice of food for puppies is Royal Canine Mini Puppy. Just like in bad below. Most of pet stores do carry now or You can buy it online.

We also recommend to add to Your pet food vitamins. Regardless of what written on a bag with Your pet food, we feel that some extra will be helpful.

We recommended NUVET pet plus for dogs and puppies.

NuVet vitamins could be ordered by calling  (800) 474-/044. 

Do not forget to mention reference # 68130

Or You can place You order from company web site: