Sunday, June 28, 2015

Awwa's debut!

 Well, well, well!... This night our beautiful Awwa
presented us with with easy delivery of two 
gorgeous puppies. Better yet- being first time Mom
 she turned to be fast learner and immediately
figured out all about kids and their care...
Thank You, Awwa!

I hardly can believe it, but now we have Bea's grandkids!

We also have a stay-in guest, who will be with us for some more time.
Her name is Lulu and she is a doll!
She also got to like Jim's recliner... too bad she still can't figure out how to
operate remote, but otherwise she is enjoying it!

 Above - two pictures of Awwa's little girl.
On this photo about 12 hours old. Below - Awwa's boy.
They are just precious and will be spoiled-rotten!
We didn't have puppies for a while, so those two are 
going to be in the center of everybody's attention!

More posts will be coming.. Stay tuned, guys!

Some fun with Rally!

Our last late-spring session in the Rally group.
Guys did all right and we risked to enter them two for trials...
what will be at the end of summer.
Before trials we will have another two months of practice and that will be plenty
to build up some confidence...
Frankly I think Ira and I need more confidence then dogs do.
I always have that feeling "It could be done better".
Dogs just do it and enjoy doing "IT" together.

Dog days of summer.

 This late spring an beginning of summer literally went to the dogs.
We had so much to do and so much enjoyed what we were doing,
 that I didn't even blog anything... Blogging takes time,
we want to share out time with our animals, - dogs, horses and
 some new additions (what I'll mention sometime later).
Gardening is also not to forget and it takes time too...
As for the dogs, the maximum of our effort went
to those two brats - Roy and Lusha and their work at the training club.

At the end of June we finished our second 7-weeks long session of Rally-O
training and signed up for another one... Plus added some beginning agility.
Let see how those two may like it. 

Above - last day of our late-spring training session.
It was much fun!
Of course (weather permitted) we had some more fun
with schnauzers exploring Great Outdoors.
I'm posting some photos from one of our walks with Chant and Gigi.
That was in Wildwood park, what we love so much.
Lots of cross-country trails, much fun
and well - sometimes much mud too...
But that is a part of the fun. Plus of course bird watching
is a big part of those walks too.

 This is what Gigi thinks about us trying to introduce her
to the "bird watching" activity...
Schnauzers always have own opinion!

Chant on other hand just being all-around nice guy
and stays true to his name "Enchanter"!
In a month he goes to the show ring and
if my handler would see what we are doing with him
(and his coat!!!) right now, she would kill me...
But I hope nobody is going to tell her.

 That walk was one of very few times when
I actually saw my dogs being tired.
Ira says: "Tired dog - good dog!" what most of the time is true...
But other true is - most of the time
we do not have enough time to make them tired!...

 I wish we could do it more often!
We will try!