Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hurricane updates.

For all of You, our friends, who wandering how did we make it with latest extreme weather
we had on East Cost I'm glad to report - we made it fine.
Sure, we had some water leaks here and there and some of that will need to be fixed, but except for that family and all dogs are fine. Dogs were disgusted to go out with all the rain and wind we were getting,
but that was it. Lots of wind, water and very wet dogs.
We hope that our friends on East Cost are safe as well. 
Please let us know how You and Your dogs made it trough the Storm!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

"Happy Camper".

Just for Andrey and Olja (and Sasha, of course!)
Your little girl did great there and she is just too cute with her brand-new hair-cut.
Some pictures for you, guys... Enjoy!

Meeting of new friend.

 ... and even more of friends!...

"Mommy! Is it mine? (whatever you have there!)"

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Bobby's puppies 2,5 weeks old!

 Above and below - our little and the ONLY girl.
Her name is Hali and she is totally adorable.

And everybody on a blue blanket are naturally... boys!
Not to be confused - we have 5 of them, not 6.
last up-side down picture just for fun and this is one of 5 boys You can see above.
It was just too cute not to post, therefore I did. (And why not?!)

Little guys all have their eyes open and starting getting around their "bedroom",
but most of the time they just sleep and eat. And it will stay the same for about 
another month or so... then it will ne whole different puppies, playful and perhaps even noisy.
mean while we enjoy what we see (and do NOT hear!)

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Fox Terrier bitch available.

This lovely Fox Terrier bitch puppy 
is currently looking for new home.
Owner got full time job and sadly couldn't keep her anymore.
Please contact as ASAP for more information.