Thursday, December 29, 2016

Lusha gets her first Agility Q !

I suppose one more end-of-the year brag...
This Wednesday we went for our last in 2016
Agility Trial at Bella Vista training facility...
I love that place, I really do. Yes, perhaps few things are not perfect,
but it is great place to work with Your dog and I like the people who run it.
Guys are working hard to make it better and
every year there is something "new and improved".
It is just a bit too far for us to go for any classes, but close enough to go for trials.
This time we signed up for two days and were suppose to run twice, but oops!...
That time of the year when You never know
if You can make it out of own house in the morning.
And today we didn't - everything was covered in ice...
However yesterday we did and it went perfect.
Lusha run her Jumper with Weavers Novice preferred just like a pro.
I'm so proud of her.
She got second placement in a class, highest possible score of 100
 and went 20 seconds faster then time allowed for her category.
She is amazing!
This is our first Q in Agility with our first dog we took out.
She will need two more legs for her first title and 
we are going after that accomplishment at spring.
Roads are iffy now and signing up for trials is wasting of money.
Plus we all can use this little vacation from all that show commotion...
So far we two were running, sneaky Ira did a video of it,
therefore now You can enjoy... here it is!

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Goodbye, Teddy!...

 Yesterday we sadly had to say "Goodbye" to our old Teddy - 
Shazzam Of Oz Custom Made.
This dog was a huge part of history of our kennel, our breeding program
and much more...
Never shown, yet, produced some very exceptional
specimen of the breed, including some of the dogs listed below...

CH CamRon's Lets Feedom Ring "Ringer"
By Shazzam Of Oz Custom Made X CamRon's I'm A Lulu

CH Shazzam Of Oz Arabian Night "Leila"
By Shazzam Of Oz Custom Made X Mtn High's Night Flight

Shazzam Of Oz Enchanter, "Chant" RN, AKC pointed
By Shazzam Of Oz Custom Made X CH Shazzam Of Oz Something Else.
Enchanter (AKA "Chant") - pictured above,
 is the last puppy, carried his Dad's legacy.
This talented dog is on a way to finish his AKC Championship and also competing
in Rally-Obedience and getting ready for performing in Agility...
Beautiful and smart he does it all.
Enchanter is going back to show rings spring 2017.
Watch him succeed.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Just a bit more of end-of-the-year bragging...

......Juuust at case if You wander what Xolo is doing there....

This blog is strategically called "Miniature Schnauzers etc."
Xolo is IT. She is our ETC. Not only ETC, but one of it...
Few days ago we received all new pictures from Philadelphia 
show cluster at Oaks, PA.
This included picture of Dora, our Xolo pup.
We did very limited showing with Dora this fall, actually al it was
- two weekends, however it was enough for her to collect
5 AKC Championship points, several owner/handled
Breed wins and even one Group placement...
 She did well indeed, our baby girl and we love all about it,
including the grooming part.
After dealing with ring prep for miniature schnauzers, this feels unreal...
 I mean it feels so good, it can not be true...
Just kidding!

On other hand - Lusha...
Shazzam Of Oz Tactical Solution in 2016
finished her AKC Championship from Bred/By Class owner/handled.
 Collected 28 Grand Champion points up to date.
 Sharing #10 position Nation-Wide for Owner/Handled Miniature Schnauzers.
Currently holding #3 position in State of Pennsylvania
for 2016 Grand Champion points ranking....
The ONLY owner-handled dog on a way to Grand Championship in PA
who also has working titles on her.
We had a great year with Lusha and currently working on her first Agility Title.
Way to go, girl!

Monday, November 21, 2016

Shows and trials.

 Last week we were getting ready to two events - Agility trial
and conformation show in Oaks, PA.

 Our puppy Dora was suppose to be shown indoors for the first time.
Therefore we took her to the training class for the first time,
to see how she will react... She was fascinated... with the mirror!

Agility was first thing to do... Coffee with the girls and off we go!
Bea (on a top), Gigi (mid) and Elly (below).

 Above  waiting for agility rings to start.
With Lusha.

 Above: our agility ring. Beautiful!
Below: our set-up at conformation show, Oaks, PA.

 Above: Awwa is getting ready for ring.
Below: Lusha is disgusted with Awwa getting too much of attention. 

 Baby Dora finished both days with Winner Bitch.
We also went Owner-Handler Group 4!

 Lusha did remarkably well and and went Best Of Opposite Sex (BOS)
both days she was shown. Also she went OHG3.

Great weekend indeed! Many friends, much fun.
It might be our last conformation show for this year.
Season is coming to the end and this is fine...
Much to get ready to in 2017.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

As the reason progresses....

As the season progresses, I'm looking back on what we have done this year
together with our four-legged partners... 
it was our second year of owner-handled experience and what a big step it was!
With limited showing, as I dedicated big part of summer
to my painting adventures in both - United States and Europe, by November 2016
we accumulated total of 70 conformation points on several our dogs.

Major part of this job was done by Lusha - Shazzam Of Oz Tactical Solution.
Not only she competed her AKC Championship, but also earn Rally Excellent
working title and well on a way to become AKC Grand Champion of record.

By the latest AKC GR CH points ranking report for the State of PA.
CH Shazzam Of Oz Tactical Solution (Lusha) has position #4 AND
she is top not handled by professional handler Min Schnauzer in State AND
she is the only Min Schnauzer competing for her Grand Championship,
who has working titles on her as well. Go Lusha!

Shazzam Of Oz Just a Joy of Adamis (Gigi) recited her first
AKC Rally title and looking for more!

Shazzam Of Oz Triple Crown (Roy) started competing in Rally Excellent.

Shazzam Of Oz Enchanter (Chant) moved to Rally Advance!

All above mentioned personalities also started in Agility,
but not ready to compete just yet.
All, but Lusha, who got to try her first 3 runs, but so far without the Qs.
The year is not over, more could be done, but winter is coming,
things are calming down and this is how it always suppose to be.
I'm looking forward to winter - time to re-charge,
re-think and get ready for another year full of adventures.

We also planning several outstanding litters closer to the spring time...
Stay tuned, we have some exiting news coming,
or at list I hope so.

It would be nice to update our main web site too, if I ever get to it.

Friday, November 11, 2016

The Star is born!

Look at him now! Formerly Mr. Peter, now "Remy"
is going to new home to learn all about
Obedience and Agility!
Wish him god luck in his wonderful Journey!

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Beautiful weekend in MD.

 Last week Veronika and I grabbed  ourselves a few dogs and went
to visit out friends Bill and Claire on their farm at wild and beautiful WV.
Beside of spending great time with great people we also participated
at 4-days show cluster in Cumberland, MD,
just across of the river from our friends place.

 We made our camp at guys RV
and enjoyed privacy and very convenient stay.
Dogs did too!

 Above- Lusha and Gigi sharing the bed.
Below - Lusha sharing this pillow with nobody!

Not only we had wonderful mini-vacations, but
returned back with some serious prizes on our 
"Grand-Champion To-Be".
Lusha went BOS first two days and GrCh SELect to others.
8 Grand Champion points in total collected at one weekend.
Only 6 more to go till her Majesty will obtain her new Title!

Beside of all dog adventures I got to do some painting too...
 Weather was staying good for the first few days
and we with Claire enjoyed some outdoor sketching!

Next weekend- another show....
Meanwhile - enjoying my time home with family.
Girls need some rest too, yes, Lusha?...

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Montgomery County All Terrier working trial 2016.

 This year our dogs went on a road trip to be a part of 
Montgomery County All Terrier working trial 2016.
Above - Chant is "Driving", Roy is "Looking for Directions".
Below: Lusha (left) and Gigi (right)
"Are we there yet?.."

 So what this event is about?
Nothing much. :-) Simply bunch of working terriers and their parents
from all over North America getting together to have some fun
and compete in various disciplines from Obedience and Agility
to Barn Hunt and Lure Coursing.
Full week filled with adventures.
This year we only participated one day and it was only one Rally trial.
But it was 4 dogs, with 4 Qs, 3 placements and two finished Titles.
Not bad for one trial!

 Above: Shazzam's crew at AMSC desk in front
of so called "schnauzer village".
Below - outlook at some of breed "villages" and agility rings.

 It is rather fancy out there...

 Above: Irina with our Rally-O Judge Susanne Babcock.
This wonderful lady came up with the most complicated and fun
Rally maps we ever saw... Never-less,
Lusha (left) managed to get top in the class score of 96
and finished her Rally Excellent Title.
Gigi (left) got her last "leg" and completed her Rally Novice Title.
Chant got first leg in Rally advance with score of 98
and third placement in his division.
Roy was a real trooper to go to the ring first,
and regardless of all destructions, got his first qualifying score
for the Excellent level.
He also got third placement in his class, same like Chant.
We met many old friends, saw many beautiful (and very smart!) dogs
 and came back home feeling accomplished.
On Sunday to the conformation show we go!..
This is "THEE SHOW" of the Year,
what everybody terrier lover looking forward too.
Over 100 miniature schnauzers signed up to compete in 2016
in regular rings and sweepstakes.
Hope to return from there with even more ribbons...
Stay tuned, my friends!

Friday, September 30, 2016

Urgent puppy update.

 This beautiful intelligent boy unexpectedly became available again
due to the health issues
in the family what initially adopted him..

 Looking for forever home for this wonderful puppy.
Serious inquiries only!

 Parental pair: 
Sire: Shazzam Of Oz Enchanter (Chant) - above.
Dam: CH Adamis Tragic Beauty (Bea) - below.

Also we still have beautiful Black/Silver puppy male
looking for his home.

Please contact us ASAP for more information if interested.

No more litters will be available in 2016.
Waiting list for 2017 only.

Fun and Games!...

This summer I'm awfully behind of my blogging just because
we are awfully went ahead with those shows.
We even bough our first very own Gypsy's-wagon
to be able to go places and stay places
instead of dealing with motels... Of course this is not real gypsy thing,
but next best to it - small RV trailer.
Next best thing - Jim started help me with showing dogs
and in fact does it very well.
Sooooo.... our favorite girl "Lusha" -
Shazzam Of Oz Tactical Solution (pictures above) not only became
AKC Champion, but also on a way to finish her Grand Champion Title.
You go, Lusha!

She is also trying herself in Agility and compete at Rally.

Lusha mean business. Always.
This model wasn't equipped with sense of humor.

Lusha's oldest sister, "Awwa" 
(Shazzam Of Oz Awesome News)
keeping up with her little sister and only few point short
of getting new Champion title.

Do You remember this photo?... Awwa on the left, Gigi on the right!
yes, there is aways Gigi. Our wonderful goofy Gigi, 
who can make the most funny faces and always needs her morning hug!
Gigi started picking up her show pace too and now AKC pointed.

Here she is! Love this girl.

And of course the evils sisters - Misty and Twisty... I mean Nita.
Debuted in August show in puppy class, got few Reserves
and soon after Misty went Winner Bitch and took Group First
in Best in Show Puppy competition.
Here is picture of Jim with Misty!... They were great that day!...

Then of course there is CHANT!..

Chant, Chanty, Enchanter...
Our favorite love bug, goof-ball, lover boy.
He went out and collected all his singles
and now will be back at spring for the big stuff.

... and lastly our new addition to the show crew 
with everybody favorite grooming version!...
Please welcome DORA!

No, she is not a schnauzer. But she is great!

Dora is our Mexican Hairless puppy who debuted
at her first show this September and picked up first 3 points 
at her very first show weekend...
Not without much help from our friends.
Xolo and Schnauzer rings had some timing conflicts
and naturally we couldn't have been at both places at once.

Now I think I didn't forget anybody...
 Stay tuned, the show season is not yet over!