Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Montgomery County All Terrier working trial 2016.

 This year our dogs went on a road trip to be a part of 
Montgomery County All Terrier working trial 2016.
Above - Chant is "Driving", Roy is "Looking for Directions".
Below: Lusha (left) and Gigi (right)
"Are we there yet?.."

 So what this event is about?
Nothing much. :-) Simply bunch of working terriers and their parents
from all over North America getting together to have some fun
and compete in various disciplines from Obedience and Agility
to Barn Hunt and Lure Coursing.
Full week filled with adventures.
This year we only participated one day and it was only one Rally trial.
But it was 4 dogs, with 4 Qs, 3 placements and two finished Titles.
Not bad for one trial!

 Above: Shazzam's crew at AMSC desk in front
of so called "schnauzer village".
Below - outlook at some of breed "villages" and agility rings.

 It is rather fancy out there...

 Above: Irina with our Rally-O Judge Susanne Babcock.
This wonderful lady came up with the most complicated and fun
Rally maps we ever saw... Never-less,
Lusha (left) managed to get top in the class score of 96
and finished her Rally Excellent Title.
Gigi (left) got her last "leg" and completed her Rally Novice Title.
Chant got first leg in Rally advance with score of 98
and third placement in his division.
Roy was a real trooper to go to the ring first,
and regardless of all destructions, got his first qualifying score
for the Excellent level.
He also got third placement in his class, same like Chant.
We met many old friends, saw many beautiful (and very smart!) dogs
 and came back home feeling accomplished.
On Sunday to the conformation show we go!..
This is "THEE SHOW" of the Year,
what everybody terrier lover looking forward too.
Over 100 miniature schnauzers signed up to compete in 2016
in regular rings and sweepstakes.
Hope to return from there with even more ribbons...
Stay tuned, my friends!

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