Monday, February 25, 2013

Symptoms and Treatment of Leptospirosis.

We often mention a fact about Leptospirosis vaccination... This type of vaccine is known to be reason of several SEVER side-effects in miniatures schnauzers and highly NOT recommended by National Breed Club
(AMSC). This is a main reason why we do not do it for own dogs and puppies.

If You interested to read  professional vet opinion about Leptospirosis peace follow this link:

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Leila's little gangsters are learned about poultry!

And here is what is going on in Leila's "monkey-box"!
her puppies are about two weeks younger and at this age
two weeks making significant difference in how they look
and most importantly - how they act.
They play very little yet, however they learned how-to-eat
"outside of Mom" and totally in love with their poultry-mush,
deliciously prepared for them by Ira.
Vicious screams on a background are coming from
Sophie's litter, who also know well about home-style cooking
and demanding own share of it.
This is how puppy sound like when he thinks he is hungry...
Not my favorite tune!

Sophie's 2013 babies learned to play!

Sophie's triplets got their playground area extended
and over this weekend learned now to run around and play very well.
They playing with toys, chasing each other around
and looking for all possible ways to entertain them-selfs...
unless they eat or sleep.. what still being most of their daily activity.
I can not say I'm sorry with this fact, but this is about to change very soon.
With every day they will spend more time playing and learning
and it will take greater deal of work on our end and lesser and lesser work
done by their Moms. Indeed Sophie is already not that thrilled
to spend more time with them then it takes to collect all their ducks and check on their bowl.

Hold on, guys, updates are coming!

I was suppose to put up some brand-new puppy videos this weekend...
Guess what? Didn't happen, my computer had to be occupied
for another important purpose. Good thing is - I actually have my video-footage.
All I need - just load everything in this machine,
edit it, sent it to Y-tube
wait till Y-tube process everything
and then nice and easy link it to this blog...
here is a picture of mommy Sophie for You.
Beginning of this weekend we re-configuration our puppy areas 
(love this stuff, it is just like playing with Lego),
little guys got more play-room and played them-selfs to dog-tired stage.
Then... Mommies had to clean up all their toys (sounds familiar, does it?)
Sophie was particularly going after all those ducks.
I'm not sure what was her issue with ducks, but this is what she did.
She brought a lot of smiles on our faces!...
Otherwise... stay tuned, video is coming next. Not sure I can finish it today, sorry.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Leila/Vanya litter 2013.

Leila's puppies are getting ready to open their eyes. Some of them already have it open... a little.
Above - two black females. Below - 4 of their brothers.
One of them is still available and the rest is spoken for...
So far I hardly can tell which one is which, unless I look closer...
Here is a something to do for  You - find a difference in those black boys!

Sophies litter 2013 is 3 weeks old.

 1) So called "darker boy". Very nice.

 2) His litter sister.

3) So called "bright boy".

Everybody is looking good, I'm just afraid they slightly overeating and being lazy... Sophie has plenty of milk and for those 3 little guys there is no competing for it, just "drink all You can" sort of thing.
They look just little babies-sea-lions. ROUND!