Monday, June 30, 2014

Gettysburg Military Park, trip with schnauzers.

 This morning we went to Gettysburg pick up some of my art work from the show.
It was not much fun, so we decided to spice it up and invited two
furry companions - Lusha and Awwa.

 You clearly can see - they both enjoyed their time with us during this trip.
After we stopped at Art Council and picked up all those paintings,
 we went strait to Gettysburg Military Park for some photoshoot and
to play with our pups a bit.

At the very end of our trip we went to Plum Run, where I painted before 
during Gettysburg Art Fest... Love this place. It is just like going back in time!

Just for fun I'm sharing with You few pictures of painting  
I did at the same location two weeks ago.

We will be back there again... perhaps with dogs.
Perhaps with pastels. Or both!

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Yana and Pete (more of Guest Bloggers!).

Visiting Mommy!
Left to right - Yana and Pete, who is here visiting...
Aren't those two beautiful dogs?!

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Somewhere ... here!...

I guess You guys all are starting to wander now: how we are doing and what about those precious puppies?..
We are doing great just last month or so it was very -very busy time here, in our house.
Not only it is a gardening season, not only I was committed to spend my time at several art events,
but also we had many of Your visiting and spending time with us and dogs all possible ways.
We even had a picnic with friends at one of our very favorite hiking places 
(and yes, it also was all about dogs!)
There is no way to tell about everything and everybody in one blog post, therefore 
I'm just sharing all those pictures, look and enjoy!

 We started working with youngsters and take them various places.
 Dogs are enjoying it, and so do we!

Had a picnic with friends at Wildwood Lake park.
Youngsters and our 12-years old Cassandra had a blast there hiking.

Had all sorts of visitors to see those puppies!...

...and this Friday, June 27, ended up visiting one more place -
our vet hospital... to make sure that Sammy's litter
is doing just as great as we think they do...

 .. and during that visit we checked on EVERYTHING!...
How many fingers Irina still have after this visit...

 ... eyes of puppies...

 ... rear ends of puppies and their temperature...

 ...transportation bag...

 ... Doctors shoes...

... and with clean bill of health for everybody went home!...

And this is what we did during last month...
Now we will see some of You here next week..
Are You ready?!..

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

"Lego Games!"

All right, not an actual "lego", but... we just again reconfigured puppies
habitat areas for both litters . Above -Sammy's litter,
below- Bobby's litter. Sammy's pups already figured all
what newspapers are about, and Bobby's little guys 
are still have much to learn about it. But it is all going to change
dramatically during next few days.

Yes! We just build a maze in out living room...
Isn't that a-maze-ing?!..

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Walking in the garden...

Summer is finally here. All we want to do - just enjoy our times
with dogs in our garden.
And because we can not bring all the dogs to the garden, we brought garden 
closer to the dogs. In containers!

Irina and I love to seat on our bench with little puppies and watch how our bigger puppies
(and no so much puppies) are frolicking around in their play yard.

Above: Alisa, Lusha and Awwa having a blast with chaise and catch game.

Sometimes is getting to be a bit too much for Lusha...
but not for long!

Just a little brake and here they go again!...

Tobby is not up to their silly games, but he loves to just seat out there,
soaking in some sun!

And we two just enjoying our lunches.. with sun and puppies!

..and flowers!...