Sunday, June 8, 2014

Walking in the garden...

Summer is finally here. All we want to do - just enjoy our times
with dogs in our garden.
And because we can not bring all the dogs to the garden, we brought garden 
closer to the dogs. In containers!

Irina and I love to seat on our bench with little puppies and watch how our bigger puppies
(and no so much puppies) are frolicking around in their play yard.

Above: Alisa, Lusha and Awwa having a blast with chaise and catch game.

Sometimes is getting to be a bit too much for Lusha...
but not for long!

Just a little brake and here they go again!...

Tobby is not up to their silly games, but he loves to just seat out there,
soaking in some sun!

And we two just enjoying our lunches.. with sun and puppies!

..and flowers!...

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