Monday, June 30, 2014

Gettysburg Military Park, trip with schnauzers.

 This morning we went to Gettysburg pick up some of my art work from the show.
It was not much fun, so we decided to spice it up and invited two
furry companions - Lusha and Awwa.

 You clearly can see - they both enjoyed their time with us during this trip.
After we stopped at Art Council and picked up all those paintings,
 we went strait to Gettysburg Military Park for some photoshoot and
to play with our pups a bit.

At the very end of our trip we went to Plum Run, where I painted before 
during Gettysburg Art Fest... Love this place. It is just like going back in time!

Just for fun I'm sharing with You few pictures of painting  
I did at the same location two weeks ago.

We will be back there again... perhaps with dogs.
Perhaps with pastels. Or both!

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