Sunday, July 9, 2017

Rubber Duckies... Or not!

This weekend we did something different for change...
Took two of our dogs for duck herding practice!
This time those were Gigi and Rosie.
We started with Gigi, as oldest one of two.
Rosie was allowed to watch and learn...
Photo above - starting to work ducks on leash with Gigi.
And below - Gigi's attempt to herd without the leash.
She was a bit disappointed with me, for some reason she decided
we are going to play agility... and there were only ducks!... 

Rosie on other hand... she had no expectation and ducks were fun!
She tried to be gentle with those, as we constantly
reminding to her how to be gentle with little ones...

And of course after hard job what could be better, but another pool party?!

Enjoy Your summer, stay cool!

Friday, July 7, 2017

Here comes a Gigi!

All right, look like we have another agility prospect here...
Here comes a Gigi - Shazzam Of Oz Just a Joy Of Adamis.
Her puppies just went home
(all but one, who is waiting for him Mom here, right, Blue?)
and I decided to try her with those 2x2s and see
how much she remember... We practiced with her very limited time
about half-of year ago... Yet, she knows it all and goes like a Pro.
I have to admit - she does those things better then her sister Lusha,
with whom I worked a lot, so far Gigi was busy with babies.
End of this month Gigi will go for her ACT tests and if all goes well
(what I hope it would) next step will be the real thing - Novice level.
Lusha will move up to the Open. Go Gigi!
And yes, of course - Go Lusha!

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Summer 2017 litters.

Our summer litters are finally here!
Shazzam Of Oz Yanna Kuzy Peekay -AKA "Yanna"
had her litter from "Shazzam Of Oz Show Must Go On "Gosha".
It was our first ever litter from this beautiful boy and
we were looking forward to see what he will produce...
No surprise, they are beautiful!

Above - "Gosha".
Below - his first ever litter from Yanna.
Congratulations, young man! Well done!

Our second litter was also one of it's kind..
First ever litter from Shazzam Of Oz Phillippa "Pippa"
and GCH Earthsong Remedy For The Blues.

Westminster winner, no less, "Blue" is producing outstanding puppies.
And Pippa became outstanding Mom.

One of those little ladies will be kept for  our future show/breeding prospect.
Can not wait to see them grow!

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

4-th of July weekend.

 Independence Day weekend was a big thing in our house.
Surely enough for youngsters it was dress-up time!
Tory (left) and Manya (right) posing in their new outfits for camera.

 While for Lusha it was a weekend of hard work.
She had two agility trials to attend.
In a first day of Christmas ( in July)
My Lusha brought to me
Brand-new title in Novice Jumpers
with big smile on her face
and she was just as good as one could be !
(Withe perfect score of 100 it is!)

 On a 4-th of July itself Lusha finished her second Title
in Novice Standard. 
And again with the perfect score!

 Lusha says
"Time to pack and go have celebratory dinner!"

So here she is with all her pretty ribbons!

GCH CH Shazzam Of Oz Tactical Solution RE ACT2 NJP NAP
what makes her eligible for American Miniature Schnauzer Club
Versatility Award too!

Go Lusha!