Friday, July 7, 2017

Here comes a Gigi!

All right, look like we have another agility prospect here...
Here comes a Gigi - Shazzam Of Oz Just a Joy Of Adamis.
Her puppies just went home
(all but one, who is waiting for him Mom here, right, Blue?)
and I decided to try her with those 2x2s and see
how much she remember... We practiced with her very limited time
about half-of year ago... Yet, she knows it all and goes like a Pro.
I have to admit - she does those things better then her sister Lusha,
with whom I worked a lot, so far Gigi was busy with babies.
End of this month Gigi will go for her ACT tests and if all goes well
(what I hope it would) next step will be the real thing - Novice level.
Lusha will move up to the Open. Go Gigi!
And yes, of course - Go Lusha!

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