Sunday, July 9, 2017

Rubber Duckies... Or not!

This weekend we did something different for change...
Took two of our dogs for duck herding practice!
This time those were Gigi and Rosie.
We started with Gigi, as oldest one of two.
Rosie was allowed to watch and learn...
Photo above - starting to work ducks on leash with Gigi.
And below - Gigi's attempt to herd without the leash.
She was a bit disappointed with me, for some reason she decided
we are going to play agility... and there were only ducks!... 

Rosie on other hand... she had no expectation and ducks were fun!
She tried to be gentle with those, as we constantly
reminding to her how to be gentle with little ones...

And of course after hard job what could be better, but another pool party?!

Enjoy Your summer, stay cool!

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