Monday, February 21, 2011

Puppies are growing (2 weeks old).

Jasmin's Litter.

Two girls. They were cooperative and stayed for me at the same place long enough, 
so I can take pictures of them just laying on a blanket.
Stephen's black girl and Paula's B/S girl.
Paula already has two of our schnauzers and this baby will be another family member. 
Two boys. Not cooperative at all and very unhappy with us and our photoshoot.
They were having lunch and here we are with our camera.
Jim and Jackie, one of them is yours and Susan will be spoiling another one. 

Two other black boys.
One is going to live with Elena in NYC.
B/S boy will go to Gregory. He doesn't know about it yet 
and only looking where is his Mom and her milk!
Basya's Litter

Two B/S girls from Basya
One is our baby and another one goes to Nancy
(who was so patient to wait for a right puppy for a year!).

 Two Basya's boys.

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