Sunday, December 30, 2012

Gina's litter Christmas time!

 Just few more pictures of beautiful Gina's babies
taken different days in between Christmas and New Year.

Beautiful babies, aren't they?!.

Just for fun!...

How You can see this is really complicated to do anything in our house without schnauzer participating.
I was in fact trying to do recording of my birds singing, but what also do we hear?...
One of our schnauzers wasn't that happy that she is not the one to be a movie star this time.
And You can hear her opinion on background!

Puppies and their lunch.

Often we getting the same old question: "How long should I keep my puppy's bowl with food out for him and when should I put it away?" Mmmm... we always have the same answer: Unless Your dog is picky with food (what is unusual for schnauzers), you will not have time to think - when to take that dish from Your dog.
One moment and it is all gone. Here is Gina's 5 weeks old litter working on their lunch. Only one word coming in my mind - PIRANHAS! 
Sorry, not really good video this time, but it will give you concept how quickly food disappearing... 

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Bea's pups are month old.

 Bea's three (I just can't call them "little guys", they are anything, but "little"!)
are just turned to be month old. Even they are only few days older then Gina's,
they already acting different. We had to extend their area twice and they
quickly realized what newspapers are good for...
I'm leaving it to Your imagination, but I'm personally totally agree with puppies
about that subject...
Not only they learned about newspapers, but also they made new discovery.
There is a FOOD in Mommy's bowl!
Now they know.
(Therefore it is about time to start feed Bea separately from her puppies!)

 This one just made it to "newspaper area" and now not sure -
should she take more effort and get to the comfortable box for napping, or...
just hung out there?...

Those two... clear choice! Comfortable nap it be!
Oh... troublesome litter... I love them all, I want them all. 

Gina's babies are growing (3 weeks old).

 Time is flying fast and Gina's little guys already 3 weeks old.
Therefore I'm posting some new updated pictures for everybody to enjoy.
Above - momma Gina with all 5 babies.

 Two pictures above are all boys. they all very handsome looking little guys,
this time we didn't have a chance to start making favorites with any of them.

 This is the only girl in the litter. Nice and cute, just as mommy.

After meal time (first picture) there is a nap time. And this is all they do now.
Still too little for games, but it is coming.