Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Thee Bag. Simply bag.

Our two youngsters at play.

Yana's babies are here!

Our newest doggy -addition was born just this night.
Happy Mother is our yang girl Yana. She is a third generation of our breeding
and we still have her mother - Basya and grandmother - Casya.
Both are my very favorite dogs. Happy to see their blood flowing in those
beautiful puppies!
One picture above you can see Mom- Yana -  (on the left) 
with her best friend - Sammy (CH Shazzam Of Oz Something else).
They both enjoying nice weather on our back yard.
And below picture of both girls after Yana had her puppies.
Sammy (on the right) was staying up with Yana and us whole night
and now is dog-tired and taking her nap.

Below - pictures of those beautiful babies. Just a few hours old.
I'm not totally sure, but look like they all are sold.

Wire Terror puppies!..

 Yes, yes, I know, this is a schnauzer blog, but...
I have to share with you those beautiful faces, especially because it will be our last litter
of Wire Fox Terriers... for a while... and maybe JUST a last litter.
Love the breed, but both our Foxy-ladies are now in age to be retired.
Therefore this litter is already a history - our history with Fox Terriers.

Our youngster Fox - Sasha had a 4 precious babies, two boys and two girls.

Both females are already reserved and we happy with the fact that one of them goes
to our good friends from
who helped us with taking of some of those wonderful photos.
Just like I mentioned - both girls are sold, but look like one of boys is still available.
Aren't they adorable?!..

Above: boy #1

Above: boy #2

And both little gangsters together!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Wish him Good luck!

Shazzam Of Oz Whatever "Vanya"
is about to start his show career in May
expertly handled and conditioned by our friends Carol and Ron Meitzler.
After Carol and Ron finished for us his full sister "Sammy" in 2011, this boy was only waiting
to go out... and here he goes! Watch for him in the ring in 2012 and wish him good luck.

More on Bea.

Just got a Champion's pictures of our baby-girl Bea and those are "picture perfect".
 Love all about it... What a winning shot!
 I'm very pleased with the work of photographer
and once more - thank You to John for finishing her so quikly!