Friday, November 7, 2014

4 weeks old schnauzer puppies - follow up!

I'm posting those a bit later, but  we have it, so there is no reason not to share.

Puppies are 4 weeks old,stepping into big new phase of their development. Much more mobile, they going in and out of nest box, playing with each other and toys, exploring all surroundings and interacting with people and dogs ( considerably, of course).
As soon babies started walking ,about at 3 weeks old, puppy area was expanded , news paper covered area was added to whelping nest . Puppies got the idea about keeping nest clean almost immediately , and by now sleeping area blanket mostly kept dry and "designated bathroom area" is used for the "business".
Weaning process is started. We are always letting our girls decide when it will be right time to wean .Some like to feed till 7 weeks,some put some limitation on it by 5 weeks and only feeding 1-2 time daily till 6 weeks old. 

 Yanna still has plenty of milk.She is not staying with kids whole day anymore and enjoying her regular doggy day activities , but regularly asking to go back to nest to feed , play and check .However, she is feeding them sitting or standing, what is a position for beginning of natural weaning. The actual time of feeding become significantly shorter as well. Probably, little sharp teeth ,erupting in puppies mouthes, have a lot to do with it.:-)
As for now puppies get 2 extra meals/day , to addition to Mommy's milk. Very liquid consistency ,especially for morning feeding. Today it was Ricotta and yogurt for breakfast and pureed chicken for dinner.

All socialization process with new things, places, dogs and people is carefully planned,step-by-step, so it will be pleasant experience for puppies.
Babies are handled every day ( not once, you can imaging... :-) ), they are comfortable being held and relaxed in hands.
Puppy pen is in our big open living room /kitchen area.So puppies are well surrounded with all household and dogs activities, experiencing regular household sounds ( including not that regular ones as well, like big "boom" of metal pot dropped accidentally on a floor yesterday, about what puppies did not think twice, startled a bit and kept going by their own business ).
Adult dogs other then mom not allowed to play with babies just yet, but they can interact through the fence of play area and puppies see all dogs around all day long.
Later on interaction will be methodically organized ,pups will learn what dog/human pack is about and how to be dogs, and also learn some good manners and useful skills.

 A lot of different toys and objects are in the puppy pen now, both, on a floor and hanged ,of all shapes and materials, for babies to interact, touch, bite and play. Today everyone's favorites were giraffe ,ball and a metal ball on a chain, though Greta liked little wooden swinging toy, and medium dark boy was enjoying a big soft toy on a floor.
In a few dais big play ground will be set up for them, and few play pens in different rooms of the house. Weather permitting, we will start to take puppies outside , too.Time to expand their horizons!
It is also time for more socialization with people other than family. We are scheduling visits.

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