Thursday, December 29, 2011

Special Christmas delivery!

And of course our Diva Sammy had to have her first babies at that very Christmas night!.. Not like we got much sleep... (correction - not like we got ANY sleep at all!), but we have best Christmas gift basket ever and want to share this joy with you... not literally... wait - LITERALLY, because this exactly what it is -

This is OUR little princess!... what hopefully will grow in beautiful show-girl... Just like Mommy!

... and this little princess will be looking for new home, when it will be her time!...

Already spoiled-rotten, this is our little prince.. heir to his Daddy-Teddy!..

.. and two of his brothers... what eventually also will be looking for home..
perhaps even show home!...

End of year greetings!

Like usually at the end of the year we have great collection of photos and some of those I would like to share with you now... Sorry for all those wonderful pictures of fur-babies what didn't make it in, but only so much I can post. Enjoy!

Maxie with Santa. 
(from CH Shazzam Of Oz Arabian Night "Leila")

... and Maxie without Santa!... (still just as gorgeous!) 

Maggy May.
(from Shazzam Of Oz Cassandra "Kasya")

(from Shazzam Of Oz Sophisticated Journey - "Sophie")

(from Shazzam Of Oz Basic Beauty "Basya")

(from Mnt Hight Night Jasmine)

(from Shazzam Of Oz Black Beauty)

(from Shazzam Of Oz All That L'Ace)

(from Shazzam Of Oz Basic Beauty)

(from Shazzam Of Oz Black Beauty)

(from Shazzam Of Oz Black Beauty)

(from Shazzam Of Oz Black Beauty)

(from Shazzam Of Oz Basic Beauty)

"Lucy" - Shazzam Of Oz Luxury Design
(from Shazzam Of Oz Cassandra)

(from Mnt High Night Jasmine)

.. and one more picture with Santa.. and this is NO SCHNAUZER!
Mss Misty, Thee Fox terrier 
(from "Sasha" - Shazzam Of Oz Here She Comes)

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Car Stolen with Schnauzer Inside in Landover, MD!..

Owners of one of our dogs just contacted us and asked to share this information.. Their family car was stolen from the parking lot with their 3 years old schnauzer inside! car was found, dog is still lost. Please spread the word and help little Cody to find his way home!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Winter is here! Where is that breakfast?!.

Long time didn't blog!... And winter is about here. Good time to paint and stay home... not much is going on. Dogs do not like to play outside much and more interested in all that venison   for their breakfast ... fortunately we have enough of that (thank You, Jim!)
We also getting all sorts of photos and Holiday cards, what I need to post here.. sometime.
Stay tuned, it all will be here!....

Friday, November 11, 2011

Web Site glitch.

To all our visitors:

I have to let you all know, that currently we experiencing problems with our web provider and Shazzam's kennel site is not updated and perhaps will not be updated for a while. Therefore all news will be posted directly on this our blog.
Please disregard outdated information at our main web site, there is nothing I can do with it at this moment! Hopefully it will change sometime soon.
Thank You!


Thursday, November 10, 2011

Some more news.

We didn't post for a while due busy fall season... cleaning, preparations to upcoming winter etc... And luckily - nothing urgent to blah about... (what is good at this case).

I'm going to post some more photos for all of you to enjoy sometime soon. We getting plenty of those from our puppy-owners, and some are just too cute not to share!...

We also getting inquiries about future litters... This is simple - we generally trying NOT to have any dogs around Christmas time for several reasons, therefore currently we do not have any puppies available.
We may have however a litter born at the very end of 2011. If everything goes well, they should be ready to go to their new homes at the end of February - beginning of March. Those should be Black/Silver puppies.

We also planning breed our Jasmine when she will come in season (what could be just about any time now). Her litter should be ready at March/April and we may have Black/Silver and solid black puppies available. 
If you are interested, please contact us for more information.

Thank you! Stay warm, enjoy upcoming Holidays!

Monday, October 3, 2011

And some more of them playing!...

Some more puppy games with Irina and toys... (I think they like Ira better then any of their toys!)

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Our boys.

Week went by and there are only 4 of them left - nice black boy from Beauty and Teddy and 3 handsom black/silver gangsters from Bobby and Timmy. Naturally we let them all stay and play together, so the black one will not feel too lonely. They got along just great and played whole day... unless they were sleeping or 
demanding their food.
Today we offered them a new toy to play with - big cardboard box. and they totally loved it!.. one more lesson - toys do not have to be expensive... they just have to be FUN!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Bobby's litter photoshoot.

It was wonderful day here, in Pennsylvania. Sunny and no rain, 80 degrees warm. We took Bobby's puppies outside to play a little and we enjoyed watching them play while they enjoyed all those colorful leaves around our little table and chairs... Sure we had to grab that camera and this is what resulted this little adventure...

Above: puppies enjoying their leaves and we... well we are enjoying our puppies!

Above: Bobby's little girls. One of them is available.

Above: "Thinkers" - two boys.

 And one more....
Mike and Cindy, this one is yours!

and one more... who is still looking for new home!... 

So now I have all recent pictures posted and updated. Enjoy! 

Monday, September 12, 2011

Places and Faces...

Now we had it all... or just about all - tornado, flood and earthquake!... And house is still standing and dogs didn't really care... They do not know much about those things, therefore they care less... not like we do...

Of course all those above mentioned disaster weren't the true reason we didn't do much of a blogging lately... The real reason was my trip to Wyoming and Idaho - to see some friends - painters and dog breeders. And also just to see... and it was a lot to see other then schnauzers. And  some of faces I met there were looking like this one...

 ...or like those two...

It was all great, but now I'm back to PA to something less vicious (if not to mention our weather lately).

So far I was away, Irina did great job on feeding of all those puppies and they grew so big, that I simply can not any more fit both litters at one the same blog post. 
Therefore today I only will do update on Beauty/Teddy litter.

There we go - two black girls!...
(Jan, yours is left and Roger, your Bella is on a right!)
I think this two ladies are looking better then those two buffalos. Much more friendly! 

This is their black baby-brother...
He is still available for some very lucky family!

Two more boys, Black/Silver. Ricky is on the right and one on a left is available.

Black/Silver girl #1, 

 Black/Silver girl #2

...and finally - B/S girl #3!... 
Two of them are still available as well, what may change any moment.
And tomorrow we will spend some more time with camera and post updates on Bobby's litter. Trust me - those little guys are just the same cute!  

Monday, August 22, 2011

... and more guest bloggers!...

Often our new (or not so "new") puppy-owners willing to share with us some photos of their schnauzers. We always glad to see how puppies grow and play and want to share some of those wonderful pictures with all of you... time to time.
This day our guest bloggers are: Maxie and Mars with their families. Maxie and Mars are two litter-mates from Leila and Timmy. Very beautiful and very much loved dogs. Enjoy!..

 "Maxie", queen of the house! Lives in Ohio
in  Riemer's family.

 "Mars", her brother, lives in NY
with family of Matskovsky. 

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Bobby and Beauty's kids are two weeks old!

Time is flying fast. We are getting a lot of funny pictures, but not much time to post it all. However... because we know you all are waiting for those updates, here is a mos urgent news - little guys have their eye open! And now not only we can see them, but they can see us as well...

Casya, our matriarch schnauzer  is laying on a new piece of doggy furniture, right beside of pen with Bobby's puppies. She is making sure about Law and Order and doesn't let youngsters to play too intensively around puppy-nestles. Something spotted behind Casya is our old Fox Terrier - Dora. Cuddling in her favorite plush blanket and doesn't care who is up to what.

Black boy from Beauty. Obviously.  Because he is black.

 Two black girls. Naturally also from Beauty.

  3 Black/Silver girls... not so obviously, but still from Beauty...

And guess what?... Two Black/Silver boys... and also from Beauty!
Sometimes we can not believe we have 8 puppies in her litter, but... we do!

And those 4 gangsters are Bobby's boys. All Black/Silver, just like their Mom.

... And two beautiful Black/Silver ladies... also from Bobby.
One of them will be called "Katy". Can not tell witch one yet, 
but she is very much loved by her family. 

And this is all for this late time....

To be continued! 

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Update on New Born puppies.

Above: Beauty's Black/Silver girls.
Above: Beauty's Black girls.

Above: Beauty's boys.
Above: Bobby's girls.
Above: Bobby's boys.
And this is so much for one day of blogging... because if you are thinking: "Taking pictures of 5 days old puppies just has to be easy."  just look on this last picture... this is how most of those photos will look like... and we just went trough a lot of those to pick up something what could be published. So you can see the faces of those puppies, not just "some unknown parts" of them out of any order!
Till later!...
                                          Tatiana, Irina