Monday, March 7, 2011

Updates on 4 week old puppies.

  Basya with her litter in the litter box... BIG litterbox!

Boys are on the right, girls are on the left... Boooring!...

Mommy, mommy, mommy... Your ear is so yummy!...

OK. And on serious note nice family photo... in the basket!
(Girls are in the middle)

And here is a Jasmin's "Litter Box". Jasmine has left it. Look like she just about
had enough of that littering business.

That thing is making ugly toy, but sure it is a good pillow! Zzzzzzz!...
(Jasmin's black boy)

Zazu & Macy in chaw-it-dawn competition.

We don't want to stay in this basket for long... maaaaama!....
(Jasmin's black boys)

Little angels from "other side". Macy & Zazu.

And this is thee one, what will not just sit still in the basket. Too special.
I think he just hate us with our attempts to make him a celebrity!
(Booo @ those paparazzi!...)

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