Tuesday, March 15, 2011

5 weeks update on growing puppies.

Puppies are growing up. And together with them 'growing up' their living area. 

At first we extended their playground twice and added "bathroom" area with newspapers. 
this is a beginning stage of their potty-training. Of course right now you can see how Mommy Jasmine
 uses that very 'potty area' to take a brake from her litter.  
Still - she feels she needs to keep eye on them and so she does.

 This is how two "puppy units are looking side-by-side with 'potty-areas" attached. 
mean while adult dogs are providing needful interaction and socialization for little one just by doing
what they like to do the most - simply playing around. 

Few days later, after puppies got the point what newspapers are for, their living area extended again for the day-time play and games. At night we taking half of it down and keeping it simple - "bed and bathroom only".

Puppies now can see and interact with other dogs, but only trough their fence. 
It is safer this way, so far they are still so small - nobody will step on them, or scary them 
and Mommies will not get any ideas about "somebody going to still their baby". 

Now they more active and therefore need more room to play with their toys 

...and with each other!....

..and with their humans!... 

To be continued...... 

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