Monday, August 22, 2011

... and more guest bloggers!...

Often our new (or not so "new") puppy-owners willing to share with us some photos of their schnauzers. We always glad to see how puppies grow and play and want to share some of those wonderful pictures with all of you... time to time.
This day our guest bloggers are: Maxie and Mars with their families. Maxie and Mars are two litter-mates from Leila and Timmy. Very beautiful and very much loved dogs. Enjoy!..

 "Maxie", queen of the house! Lives in Ohio
in  Riemer's family.

 "Mars", her brother, lives in NY
with family of Matskovsky. 

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Bobby and Beauty's kids are two weeks old!

Time is flying fast. We are getting a lot of funny pictures, but not much time to post it all. However... because we know you all are waiting for those updates, here is a mos urgent news - little guys have their eye open! And now not only we can see them, but they can see us as well...

Casya, our matriarch schnauzer  is laying on a new piece of doggy furniture, right beside of pen with Bobby's puppies. She is making sure about Law and Order and doesn't let youngsters to play too intensively around puppy-nestles. Something spotted behind Casya is our old Fox Terrier - Dora. Cuddling in her favorite plush blanket and doesn't care who is up to what.

Black boy from Beauty. Obviously.  Because he is black.

 Two black girls. Naturally also from Beauty.

  3 Black/Silver girls... not so obviously, but still from Beauty...

And guess what?... Two Black/Silver boys... and also from Beauty!
Sometimes we can not believe we have 8 puppies in her litter, but... we do!

And those 4 gangsters are Bobby's boys. All Black/Silver, just like their Mom.

... And two beautiful Black/Silver ladies... also from Bobby.
One of them will be called "Katy". Can not tell witch one yet, 
but she is very much loved by her family. 

And this is all for this late time....

To be continued! 

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Update on New Born puppies.

Above: Beauty's Black/Silver girls.
Above: Beauty's Black girls.

Above: Beauty's boys.
Above: Bobby's girls.
Above: Bobby's boys.
And this is so much for one day of blogging... because if you are thinking: "Taking pictures of 5 days old puppies just has to be easy."  just look on this last picture... this is how most of those photos will look like... and we just went trough a lot of those to pick up something what could be published. So you can see the faces of those puppies, not just "some unknown parts" of them out of any order!
Till later!...
                                          Tatiana, Irina 

Beauty and Bobby became Mothers.

Beauty and Bobby's litters might be the last two litters we will have available in 2011...
We expected their puppies right before I left for my "art trip", but... they waited, and waited... till I left.
And then they totally refused to deal with any puppies, till the day I was back home.
Then Bobby gave me that very look and I told to Irina: "OK. Today we are going to have puppies". And we did. Technically - Bobby did, we just were helping.
Of course poor Beauty felt left along and abandoned... she had no choice, but start with her puppies at the same very day, what gave us about 12 hours of laboring job.
Result - was two half-alive us (that would be Irina and myself) and bunch of much more lively puppies.
Total count of 14... Ouch!... (I see a LOT of work in our nearest future.)
For those of you who is interested - we didn't have any Salt/Pepper puppies and not going to have any till later in 2012. But we have some blacks
 and 10 or so Black/Silvers and some of them are still available. Naturally I'll try to post some updates on what is going on, but don't expect too much, I have a lot of other things to do beside of blogging... So it all will be here... SOMETIME. :-)
 Above: Bobby's first-born. Still all wet.

 Above: proud Bobby with her litter of 6, sired by Timmy.

Above: closer look at happy family. 
This is the ONLY time you will see their tails.

Above: Beauty with her litter of 8 sired by Teddy.
Aren't they lovely?!...
Everybody is very active and Beauty is terrific mother.
I seriously don't know, how she does it, but they always in the perfect order right by her side...
 And we can't even to make them stay still for the moment to take a picture.

Can You find all 8 of them on the picture?... I didn't from the first time!

One of new born black puppies.

"Bea" is a star!

Here we go... another show season for another debutant... (Feels like we just started with Sammy's shows, but Sammy is back home for a while already and Bea took over)
Bea is one of our youngsters and latest show project. She is bred, co-owned and shown exclusively by our friend John Constantine (kennel "Adamis") and... of course spoiled and loved by us.
Bea took everybody by surprise and managed to get her BOTH major at her very first show weekend and it basically mean that it will not take long to see this girl finished. Very proud of her. Not just beautiful, but very smart pup. Honored to have her in our house. 
Thank You, John for all you have done!

"Bea" (Adamis Tragic Beauty)  before her first show at grooming area...
and we already know what happened next. she won. 

Sophies' liter is 6 weeks old.

 With me being away for a few days (art-related expedition), our blogging was slow..
Sorry for this fact. But... on a good note we are going to post few apdates at once...
First one - about Sophie and her puppies. 

Sophie's puppies got abigger playground now... They like it. However it gave their Mom a message that her kids are big enough to handle things on their own and she wants back at her own cage.
 And she wants in NOW. So she went back at her personal apartment and still checking on those puppies, but doesn't spend all her time with them any more... Just visiting. And this is a last time when she allowed them to nurse (photo above). They do not miss her too much and justplaying with each other and eating well without Mom being involved into this process.
Above: Training for the perfect lap-dog. "Lap dog" is really enjoying.
Above: "Cat-nap"... Oh, wait... "dog nap ?!" I'm confused....

.... to be continued.....