Thursday, August 4, 2011

Beauty and Bobby became Mothers.

Beauty and Bobby's litters might be the last two litters we will have available in 2011...
We expected their puppies right before I left for my "art trip", but... they waited, and waited... till I left.
And then they totally refused to deal with any puppies, till the day I was back home.
Then Bobby gave me that very look and I told to Irina: "OK. Today we are going to have puppies". And we did. Technically - Bobby did, we just were helping.
Of course poor Beauty felt left along and abandoned... she had no choice, but start with her puppies at the same very day, what gave us about 12 hours of laboring job.
Result - was two half-alive us (that would be Irina and myself) and bunch of much more lively puppies.
Total count of 14... Ouch!... (I see a LOT of work in our nearest future.)
For those of you who is interested - we didn't have any Salt/Pepper puppies and not going to have any till later in 2012. But we have some blacks
 and 10 or so Black/Silvers and some of them are still available. Naturally I'll try to post some updates on what is going on, but don't expect too much, I have a lot of other things to do beside of blogging... So it all will be here... SOMETIME. :-)
 Above: Bobby's first-born. Still all wet.

 Above: proud Bobby with her litter of 6, sired by Timmy.

Above: closer look at happy family. 
This is the ONLY time you will see their tails.

Above: Beauty with her litter of 8 sired by Teddy.
Aren't they lovely?!...
Everybody is very active and Beauty is terrific mother.
I seriously don't know, how she does it, but they always in the perfect order right by her side...
 And we can't even to make them stay still for the moment to take a picture.

Can You find all 8 of them on the picture?... I didn't from the first time!

One of new born black puppies.

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