Thursday, August 4, 2011

"Bea" is a star!

Here we go... another show season for another debutant... (Feels like we just started with Sammy's shows, but Sammy is back home for a while already and Bea took over)
Bea is one of our youngsters and latest show project. She is bred, co-owned and shown exclusively by our friend John Constantine (kennel "Adamis") and... of course spoiled and loved by us.
Bea took everybody by surprise and managed to get her BOTH major at her very first show weekend and it basically mean that it will not take long to see this girl finished. Very proud of her. Not just beautiful, but very smart pup. Honored to have her in our house. 
Thank You, John for all you have done!

"Bea" (Adamis Tragic Beauty)  before her first show at grooming area...
and we already know what happened next. she won. 

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