Thursday, August 4, 2011

Sophies' liter is 6 weeks old.

 With me being away for a few days (art-related expedition), our blogging was slow..
Sorry for this fact. But... on a good note we are going to post few apdates at once...
First one - about Sophie and her puppies. 

Sophie's puppies got abigger playground now... They like it. However it gave their Mom a message that her kids are big enough to handle things on their own and she wants back at her own cage.
 And she wants in NOW. So she went back at her personal apartment and still checking on those puppies, but doesn't spend all her time with them any more... Just visiting. And this is a last time when she allowed them to nurse (photo above). They do not miss her too much and justplaying with each other and eating well without Mom being involved into this process.
Above: Training for the perfect lap-dog. "Lap dog" is really enjoying.
Above: "Cat-nap"... Oh, wait... "dog nap ?!" I'm confused....

.... to be continued..... 

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