Friday, July 22, 2011

Sophie's litter is month old!

Time is flying fast!... Sophie's little puppies just turned to be month old few days ago...
But they such a babies yet (BIG babies!) During next few weeks they will be growing and developing rapidly, but now we still enjoy our last days of quiet time... They are not demanding too much yet, but they sure getting there!

Sophie's the only daughter. being the only girl she is very much loved by everybody.

Sophie's boys are looking just like their father, Teddy used to look when he was a pup...
Amazing to see faces of your older dogs in those little puppies!.. 
Of course Teddy was and still is one of my personal all-time-favorites.
therefore I'm very pleased to see his face in those little ones.

And even they look alike with their dad and with each other, they all are so different.
Often Irina and I hear the same question over and over again: how do you know which one is which? But when you see them every day it is not really hard to tell the difference. I can see it clearly even in those pictures. Can You?...

PS: Oh, BTW, boys are still available and little girl has a home already!

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