Thursday, December 29, 2011

Special Christmas delivery!

And of course our Diva Sammy had to have her first babies at that very Christmas night!.. Not like we got much sleep... (correction - not like we got ANY sleep at all!), but we have best Christmas gift basket ever and want to share this joy with you... not literally... wait - LITERALLY, because this exactly what it is -

This is OUR little princess!... what hopefully will grow in beautiful show-girl... Just like Mommy!

... and this little princess will be looking for new home, when it will be her time!...

Already spoiled-rotten, this is our little prince.. heir to his Daddy-Teddy!..

.. and two of his brothers... what eventually also will be looking for home..
perhaps even show home!...

End of year greetings!

Like usually at the end of the year we have great collection of photos and some of those I would like to share with you now... Sorry for all those wonderful pictures of fur-babies what didn't make it in, but only so much I can post. Enjoy!

Maxie with Santa. 
(from CH Shazzam Of Oz Arabian Night "Leila")

... and Maxie without Santa!... (still just as gorgeous!) 

Maggy May.
(from Shazzam Of Oz Cassandra "Kasya")

(from Shazzam Of Oz Sophisticated Journey - "Sophie")

(from Shazzam Of Oz Basic Beauty "Basya")

(from Mnt Hight Night Jasmine)

(from Shazzam Of Oz Black Beauty)

(from Shazzam Of Oz All That L'Ace)

(from Shazzam Of Oz Basic Beauty)

(from Shazzam Of Oz Black Beauty)

(from Shazzam Of Oz Black Beauty)

(from Shazzam Of Oz Black Beauty)

(from Shazzam Of Oz Basic Beauty)

"Lucy" - Shazzam Of Oz Luxury Design
(from Shazzam Of Oz Cassandra)

(from Mnt High Night Jasmine)

.. and one more picture with Santa.. and this is NO SCHNAUZER!
Mss Misty, Thee Fox terrier 
(from "Sasha" - Shazzam Of Oz Here She Comes)

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Car Stolen with Schnauzer Inside in Landover, MD!..

Owners of one of our dogs just contacted us and asked to share this information.. Their family car was stolen from the parking lot with their 3 years old schnauzer inside! car was found, dog is still lost. Please spread the word and help little Cody to find his way home!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Winter is here! Where is that breakfast?!.

Long time didn't blog!... And winter is about here. Good time to paint and stay home... not much is going on. Dogs do not like to play outside much and more interested in all that venison   for their breakfast ... fortunately we have enough of that (thank You, Jim!)
We also getting all sorts of photos and Holiday cards, what I need to post here.. sometime.
Stay tuned, it all will be here!....