Friday, July 22, 2011

Sophie's litter is month old!

Time is flying fast!... Sophie's little puppies just turned to be month old few days ago...
But they such a babies yet (BIG babies!) During next few weeks they will be growing and developing rapidly, but now we still enjoy our last days of quiet time... They are not demanding too much yet, but they sure getting there!

Sophie's the only daughter. being the only girl she is very much loved by everybody.

Sophie's boys are looking just like their father, Teddy used to look when he was a pup...
Amazing to see faces of your older dogs in those little puppies!.. 
Of course Teddy was and still is one of my personal all-time-favorites.
therefore I'm very pleased to see his face in those little ones.

And even they look alike with their dad and with each other, they all are so different.
Often Irina and I hear the same question over and over again: how do you know which one is which? But when you see them every day it is not really hard to tell the difference. I can see it clearly even in those pictures. Can You?...

PS: Oh, BTW, boys are still available and little girl has a home already!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Kasya's new adventures.

Yesterday evening, when heat went down a little bit (it was only about 85F, not waaay over 90,
 as the rest of the day), we decided to sneak out with camera to spend some time on the farm with our horses, do some photoshoot of farm-land around and visit our favorite Cove Creek. As soon I grabbed bag with our cameras, our smart Kasya (who is now 9 years young and saw it all!) quickly realized that we are going for the walk and will have some adventures, what she, Kasya, couldn't miss!
She insisted to go along and we took her out not without some reasonable doubts, because she never was around horses before.
Very quietly, trying not to get attention of other dogs, we went out though the back door and off we went!

This time Kasya met up-close-and-personal with Betty, my oldest mare, dearly loved and spoiled. 
Wierd thing about it- they both were born at the same day (and the same year!).
Betty used to the dogs and didn't care, if one more was around. She clearly enjoyed her grass and apples. With all my wish to go for the ride it was very bad idea with temperature staying so high, so we just walked around and had good time, while Irina was playing with one of our cameras.
Kasya was hinging on there... literally!

Then betty finally finished her apple and decided to check out the dog. I think they both liked it. 
I sure did! I always was curious how those two will get along.

Then we went for the walk in the woods... Not the easy walk -lot of rock climbing, steams crossing etc.
now Ira got to walk Kasya and carry camera bag and I was running the show with my Canon.

Just like I say - it was a lot of climbing... and  Kassandra did just great!
All dog need in situation like that it is a very trained human to carry dog around! 
(and Irina is very well taught to do those kind of things!)

This was a part of stream right above waterfalls. pretty big stream with some pretty big rocks laying across
 of it... Girls did great job of crossing over and me on other hand... no so much. I ended up in the stream thinking ONLY about saving of camera... what I naturally did. (This is why you will see more pictures!)

Proud ladies were posing by the creek...

Of course as soon I took my eyes off them to shoot something other then them too, 
they already were up on the tree!

Then Kasya went in the field of wild-grown myrtle and clearly enjoyed herself in the shade.

All pass-ways are going home after all... So to the car we went.
Dog was happy!