Friday, September 19, 2014

Starring - Bea!

 Our beautiful Bea (CH Adamis Tragic Beauty) got to be a show star
at Groom Expo in Hershey today with Olga Zabelinskaya,
certified International Master-Groomer.

Bea and Olga did very well and ended up with brining home some Gold 
and prises. Bea got full bag of dog toys for her hard work!

Then of course we had some photoshoot
with celebrities! 

And some more!...

And some treats!...

...and spa treatment!...
Beautiful day and beautiful and very happy dog!

Monday, September 15, 2014

One can never have too many schnauzers!

One can never have too many schnauzers!...
unless we go for the walk in the park.
Then we can limit it to half of dozen or even lesser..
Above (left to right):

CH Adamis Tragic Beauty (Bea)
Shazzam Of Oz Just-A-Joy (Gigi)
Shazzam Of Oz Enchanter (Chant)
CH Shazzam Of Oz Whatever (Vanya)

 "Don't You dare to touch our Mommy!"

 Yes, they all are very vicious and proud of it!

Dog show Sunday.

On Sunday we went to the show grounds with our dear friend
Karen and her two lovely Australian Cattle Dogs.
this weekend Karen finished her hansom boy owner-handled.
Mean while Tanya got to show Halona, puppy-bitch,
beautiful and too smart for Tanya's good....
And yes, we got more ribbons and reserve of Winner with her!
Awwa got to stay home this time. 
And Tanya got to take video of Karen with Bucky
showing off at the owner/handler series.

Dog show Friday.

Meanwhile on Friday we took Awwa at her last
dog-show of this season and got some more ribbons.
It was her first outdoor show and she totally enjoyed it!

Just visiting!...

 Earlier last week we were visiting two of our retired ladies - Jasmine and Quincy
what right now enjoying their new home in Hummelstown and generously sharing it 
with Veronica (Irina's daughter), Todd (our crafty son-in law) and Tammy (his Mom).
Above - "Knock-knock!" Gigi and Lusha by the door.

 "I'll show You my beautiful new Place!"
Jasmine (in the middle), Gigi and Lusha.

Gigi was fascinated with the fish pond... and confused it with swimming pool.

 Sammy was teaching Lusha how to be a show dog
and what steps to take before hitting the run-way.

Everybody enjoyed their time!

Barn fun and photoshoot!

Last week we enjoyed our adventures on a farm
what belong to our friends - Karen and Kent Durr.
Three of our young dogs came along to make us a company.

 Above: Shazzam Of Oz Tactical Solution (Lusha)

 Above: Shazzam Of Oz Just-A-Joy (Gigi).

 Ira plays with 3 brats behind of barns.

 Lusha got a ball!

 Frolicking! Lusha (below), Awwa (above).

Above: Shazzam Of Oz Awesome News (Awwa). 

 Barns are fun! No butts about it!

 Horses are fun too!
(With our Kaya - Cove Creek Skys Unlimited)

 Trotting away!

 Meet Kaya!

Our puppyrazzi-friend with her camera!

And one more of Kaya and Awwa!
What a great play day it was!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Regarding of weekend September 13 -14.

We starting to get questions regarding visitation on weekend of 13-14 of this month.
Not to disappoint anybody, BUT... regardless of Your situation, our situation here is:
this weekend is not going to work for any sort of visits.

Mid-day our "crew" will be 90 miles away from home attending another dog show.
Rest of the day we will be here taking care of dogs and puppies and totally 
will not have any extra time to meet with anybody.

This is not personal and this is not something we can change,
but during September 11, 12, 13 and 14 we are totally NOT available.

We are planning to start setting up majority of visits starting from
weekend of September 20. Week day visits are welcome too,
but by appointment only and not on a short note.
Please e-mail us for more details.

Lacy's puppies, 4 weeks old. 2014.

Lacy's 4-weeks olds are very independent and fearless for their age.
It is their first time in new place. They have their floor set
accordantly to "The Rule of 7s". This is a basic set up
for any socialization games and they enjoy it.

Somebody feels really comfortable!

Ziva's puppies, 5 weeks old. 2014

Ziva's puppies, regardless of their young age, acting very adventitious
in a new room where we brought them to play.
Nothing is looking scary or confusing, they just having good time here.

Of course we have a "Queen" right on spot!
(What reminds me a lot her Grandmother Kissy!)
And this little one is not pretending on Royal position, just likes to play.

And them two just got their pray and now dragging it to their Den.

They exploring new toys just the same way human toddlers do!

And just like human toddlers some get greedy and what to have it all.
This little girl was trying really hard to get her possession this plush toy and
a "fuzzy ball' at the same time. She was dropping one and grabbing another, 
but carrying both in "her corner". It was very successful try.
What a character!

Tutta's puppies 6 weeks old. 2014.

Time goes pretty fast, Tutta's little guys are 6 weeks old now
and getting into that age, then they sleep a bit lesses and play a lot more.
(Still they are too small yet, therefore they sleep
more then they play and not the other way around).
Yesterday we some pictures of them in "action" for You to enjoy.
Well... they were sorta lazy to act.

"OK... And who are YOU?..."

"This ball was pre-enjoyed by other puppies!
Give me the new one!"

"I do not care, if somebody played with it before... It is yummy!"