Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Ziva's puppies, 5 weeks old. 2014

Ziva's puppies, regardless of their young age, acting very adventitious
in a new room where we brought them to play.
Nothing is looking scary or confusing, they just having good time here.

Of course we have a "Queen" right on spot!
(What reminds me a lot her Grandmother Kissy!)
And this little one is not pretending on Royal position, just likes to play.

And them two just got their pray and now dragging it to their Den.

They exploring new toys just the same way human toddlers do!

And just like human toddlers some get greedy and what to have it all.
This little girl was trying really hard to get her possession this plush toy and
a "fuzzy ball' at the same time. She was dropping one and grabbing another, 
but carrying both in "her corner". It was very successful try.
What a character!

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